'Zuckerberg Must Explain': EU Demands Answers On 'Instagram Pedophile Network'

The text is about Meta facing heavy sanctions if they do not demonstrate measures to the reader.

I will meet him on 23rd June at Meta's Menlo Park headquarters to discuss this matter.

Meta must demonstrate to us measures or face harsh sanctions.

Researchers found that pedophilic Instagram accounts mix brazenness and superficial attempts to conceal their activity. Levine from UMass. Brian Levine is the director of UMass Rescue Lab. He says that Instagram can be used to access places on the Internet where there are more explicit cases of child sexual abuse. According to the report, "Meta has struggled with these efforts more than other platforms both because of weak enforcement and design features that promote content discovery of legal as well as illicit material." Stanford concluded that "Meta struggled more than any other platform with these efforts because of the weak enforcement of laws and design features which promote discovery of both legal and illicit content."