Woman of Influence: Meet Patty Horvatich, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

Patty Horvatich is a senior vice president at the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, an organization that works to attract and retain businesses in the Pittsburgh area.

Woman of Influence: Meet Patty Horvatich, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

Patty Horvatich describes her self and role as 'like cheerleaders for the region'

I love cranes flying in the sky. Horvatich is the senior vice president for business investment of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.

She has witnessed tremendous changes in the region during the last 20 years.

Horvatich has the job of attracting investment by marketing to companies interested in locating to the region its unique assets and value.

She played a major role in the largest investment the region has seen for decades, the Shell petrochemical facility in Beaver County.

She said, "I've worked on it since 2011." It took a lot of time.

Some of the most prominent leaders in the economic development sector have praised her work on this project and others she has undertaken throughout her career.

Stefani Pashman said that Patty had built more relationships in the area of economic development than anyone else she knew. She's brought in countless people and created countless jobs.

Horvatich says that bringing the Shell plant to her region was a team effort. It was also 'one the most rewarding projects' that she had ever worked on. She stated that Shell and the state made financial investments in the site to improve it and relocated railways and Route 18 for the construction of this plant. She stated that the site was extremely valuable, and could be developed even if Shell’s plans to build the plant failed.

Horvatich stated that if they had said the project would not happen, he would have been able to get the best location east of the Mississippi.

Horvatich highlighted the impact of the plant on the local workforce. Its development employed 9,000 workers in construction, and currently it employs 600 workers full-time.

She said that Shell has begun production of plastic pellets and she hopes to see consumers of this product set up operations in the area.

Shell's arrival in the region will enhance its unique strengths, she says, including natural gas, robotics, artificial intelligence, and life sciences.

She and her organization are currently focusing on increasing investments in advanced manufacturing and technologies, inspired by the innovations of companies like Astrobotic Technologies Inc.

Horvatich says Pittsburgh's competitive advantage is due to the convergence of industries in Pittsburgh, the diversity of its potential sites and the'spirit' of collaboration.

She said, 'The amount of inquiries that we receive is off the charts. There's a lot of interest. The federal government pays a lot attention to this region.


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