A few possible covid-19 vaccines have hit considerable development markers in the past a couple of weeks. to make sure, theres nonetheless a long way to go within the coronavirus fight especially with disease counts at record highs all over the world but you will find signs and symptoms of a light at the conclusion of the tunnel, no matter if its some way later on.

On monday, oxford and astrazeneca published promising outcomes from first period of their vaccine clinical tests when you look at the the lancet medical log, and a week ago phase-one vaccine studies performed by moderna of the us led to good antibody answers. vaccines produced by cansino biologics and pfizer and biontech additionally revealed great signs of provoking a dual t-cell reaction.

But what do these results mean when it comes to viability of a vaccine? how can different levels of vaccine development vary? when tend to be shots actually going to be distributed and who'll have them first? and just how long will vaccines provide immunity? many questions surround another would-be vaccine.

Hannah kuchler, us pharmaceutical correspondent; clive cookson, technology editor; and anna gross, science and environment reporter, may be responding to your questions within the opinions during the day.

Hannah can respond to questions about vaccine development in the usa. clive can talk to what's being investigated and discussed into the medical neighborhood. and anna can share her expertise in the research behind resistance and how a vaccine works. all three being closely after the development of prospective vaccines and remedies.

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