WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Governor Newsom's Budget Prioritizes California's Values

SACRAMENTO – State and local leaders are expressing support for Governor Gavin Newsom's January Budget Proposal that maintains the state's unprecedented investments in Californians while fortifying…

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Governor Newsom's Budget Prioritizes California's Values

Published: Jan 13, 2023

SACRAMENTO – State and local leaders are expressing support for Governor Gavin Newsom's January Budget Proposal that maintains the state's unprecedented investments in Californians while fortifying the state's strong fiscal foundation amid economic and revenue uncertainties ahead.


CA Retailers Association: CRA applauds Governor Gavin Newsom for recognizing in his 2023-2024 state budget proposal the importance of supporting business in uncertain economic times including the prioritization of protecting the safety of retail employees, customers and neighborhoods from growing organized retail crime and retail theft rings.

Motion Picture Association: In a statement on Tuesday, Motion Picture Association chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said that Newsom's proposed budget 'underscores the importance of funding programs that stimulate our economy and support job creation.' Rivkin added, 'The Motion Picture Association applauds Governor Newsom for acknowledging the role California's film, television, and streaming industry can play in driving economic growth. We look forward to working with leaders in the legislature alongside our union, guild, and other industry partners to pass this important extension that will bolster the creative economy and keep California the home of motion picture production.'


The Children's Partnership: Grateful to hear URL URL's commitment to our children, families, & their health in today's #CABudget.

'We are protecting the most vulnerable Californians despite the challenges.'

Stay tuned for our full response. #WholeChildHealth

End Child Poverty CA: 'Preserving & protecting the most vulnerable is a fundamental baseline.'- URL. We've all been on a bit of pins & needles waiting for #CABudget bc of this tough year. We know CA can be a model for how we protect kids. TY URL. More on what this means to come…

CA Child Care Resource and Referral Network: Today's URL mentioned #childcare in the context of economic and workforce development. Our economy doesn't run without child care. It's time for the URL and Legislature to work together so California's child care system is there for all families who need it.

Children Now: Children Now President URL issued this statement today in response to URL URL's California state budget proposal. We're looking forward to working with the Governor, Legislature, and all Pro-Kid partners this year! #ProKidCA #CABudget #CAPol #CALeg

First 5 California: We are heartened to see Governor Newsom's continued support for our youngest Californians and their families. Governor Newsom's measured approach with his thoughtful and equitable investments have helped with the long-term investments necessary to provide systemic change and equity for all Californians. As we move forward in fulfilling our whole child, whole family, whole community approach, we are excited to continue to work with the administration and the legislature to invest in programs and policies that further strengthen the goal of providing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for our children and families.

AARP California:  We are thankful for the Administration's thoughtful management and stewardship of California's finances.  While flat funding in an inflationary period for programs for family caregiver support, adult day centers, or nursing home inspections isn't ideal, looking back historically, there is much for which to be grateful.   We will continue to advocate for a budget that protects vital programs for older adults and helps to ensure that older Californians can remain in their homes and communities where they most want to be.

CHIRLA: The URL released the #CABudget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. CHIRLA commends Governor Newsom's continued commitment to & investment in access to #healthcare4all, regardless of immigration status.

CA Labor Federation: Good news for workers.


California Attorney General Rob Bonta: 'Governor Newsom has been planning for this moment and has proposed a fiscally prudent budget that reflects California's values,' said Attorney General Bonta. 'The Governor's proposed budget supports critical efforts at the California Department of Justice to improve Californians' social and economic well-being — from our Housing Strike Force, aggressive worker protection efforts, to critical law enforcement operations. I look forward to working with the Legislature as they move to approve critical funding priorities for CA DOJ and finalize a budget that addresses our most pressing challenges while improving the lives of all Californians.'


Education Trust-West: Each year, the state budget reveals the strength of California's commitment to the progressive values it espouses. Years in which revenue is lower and spending decisions more difficult—like this one—are perhaps an even better indicator of those values. By generally protecting education and the investments in equity made in recent years from the worst of this year's shortfall, this budget proposal rightfully puts students first.

Children Now: We all expected #education to take some level of reduction… but he didn't do any of that. He stuck to his guns & his commitments, and I think he should be applauded for that.' – Adonai Mack, Senior Director, Education

Linked Learning Alliance: The Linked Learning Alliance, a coalition of educators, employers, and community organizations dedicated to accelerating the adoption of high-quality educational pathways, applauds Governor Newsom for proposing a budget that reinforces an unwavering commitment to California's schools, our six million young people, and the equity they deserve.

California Community Colleges: The Governor's proposed budget protects education in a time of economic uncertainty. The proposal builds on California community colleges' strengths with added resources for career training, building out partnerships that connect traditionally underrepresented high school students to college opportunities by concurrently attending community colleges and a continued commitment to help colleges attract and retain students.

Public Advocates: [I]t is unprecedented to have such a large budget deficit and not see deep cuts to social services and education like we experienced in prior decades. This is key when so many Californians are hurting. I also commend Governor Newsom for continuing to prioritize advancing equity in our education system.

Ed-Trust West: By generally protecting education and the investments in equity made in recent years from the worst of this year's shortfall, this budget proposal rightfully puts students first… With refinements to the Local Control Funding Formula like the equity multiplier, California's school funding mechanism will become an even sharper tool for advancing educational equity.

Catalyst California: We commend Governor Newsom for proposing a state budget that prioritizes equitable funding for our state's youngest learners, addresses serious issues facing our Early Care and Education (ECE) providers, and strengthens the state's commitment to racial equity with funding for the Racial Equity Commission… Despite the deficit and stark departure from previous years' budgets, Governor Newsom's proposal underscores a commitment to equitable opportunities for California's students by including $300 million to support a Local Control Funding Formula Equity Multiplier.

Early Edge California: Advocacy organization Early Edge California commends Governor Gavin Newsom for proposing a 2023-24 state budget today that includes key investments to support California's youngest learners in spite of the significant deficit the state faces this year. His continued commitment to strengthening the Early Learning and Care system is clear as he embarks on his second term.

Michelson Center of Public Policy: Governor Newsom's continued investment in making higher education affordable for all will allow students to obtain an education without spending a single dollar on textbooks… We stand in awe of Governor Newsom's visionary leadership and steadfast commitment to addressing the increasing costs of college, including tuition, textbooks, and student basic needs, such as housing, food, and transportation.

Campaign for College Opportunity: Governor Newsom's budget proposal upholds an unprecedented level of commitment to higher education. This administration understands that the value of a college degree is more critical than ever, and is demonstrating its commitment to education funding in good times and bad.

California Teachers Association: Governor Gavin Newsom's proposed budget keeps the promise of equitable access to a quality public education and resources for all California students… The Governor's continued prioritization of education and the state's resilient budget means that local school districts will be able to focus on implementing the recent investments in education, expand learning opportunities for all students and continue to recover from the pandemic.

California Federation of Teachers: 'We are grateful to see public education funding prioritized in Governor Newsom's budget proposal in light of the projected budget deficit… CFT applauds Governor Newsom's years-long commitment to raising California's per pupil funding.'

California School Employees Association: Grateful to URL for proposing a budget with critical investments in public schools, including 8.13% COLA for TK-14 and ongoing commitments to universal meals and TK.

California County Superintendents Association: We are in the beginning stages of changing public education as we know it. Despite statewide revenue challenges, the Governor today reinforced his commitment to supporting this transformation in his proposed state budget by protecting prior investments made over the last decade that serve the Whole Child, including community schools, transitional kindergarten, universal meals, expanded learning opportunities, and learning acceleration.

California School Boards Association: We're pleased that, despite plunging revenues, Gov. Gavin Newsom's 2023-24 Budget Proposal continues the state's previous commitments to TK-12 education in areas like learning recovery, extended school programs, universal school meals, special education and youth behavioral services, while including an 8.12 percent cost-of-living adjustment to the Local Control Funding Formula. Combined with an additional investment to implement transitional kindergarten, this budget contains important tools school districts and county offices of education can use to fund academic interventions, supplemental services and mental health supports to help students rebound from the pandemic.

Association of California School Administrators: Governor Gavin Newsom's proposed state budget released today maintains the state's commitment to the series of major new educational programs created over the last few years, including Universal Transitional Kindergarten, the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program and Universal School Meals… Amid the economic slowdown, ACSA applauds the Governor's prioritization of local decision making to meet student needs.

California Charter Schools Association: With an uncertain fiscal outlook and a projected budget shortfall this year, we are pleased to see that Governor Newsom's plan prioritizes investments in education and increases per-pupil spending as California's public education system continues to rebound from the pandemic. Along with additional per-pupil funding overall, the Governor's inclusion of $300 million for the LCFF equity multiplier will go a long way to give our most underserved students the additional support we know they need to address chronic historical performance gaps[.]

University of California: 'Governor Newsom has put forward a budget proposal that maintains his strong commitment to the University of California and allows us to continue our important work supporting all Californians. At this time of declining State revenues, his support for the University and our students is truly extraordinary.'

California State University: The California State University (CSU) is grateful that, in his 2023-24 January budget proposal, Governor Newsom indicated that he plans to fully fund the second year of the multi-year compact with the CSU. This proposal, despite uncertainty surrounding the state's economic circumstances, reinforces the administration's commitment to the CSU, it's belief in our mission and appreciation of our successes in transforming the lives of Californians.

AICCU: The governor's budget released yesterday reaffirms his vision of a 'California for All' by making strong commitments to higher education at the state's UCs, CSUs, and community colleges. Even with the state facing a $22 billion budget d