The isle of dogs labeled by locals given that island is surrounded by the river thames on three sides and separated from other countries in the town by the imposing business district of canary wharf plus the quays within it. this self-contained place has generated a solid sense of community and in addition caused it to feel like a separate entity from remainder of london.

We spent a week regarding island, making work from early morning till night. everyday had been various however the one consistency had been the peacefulness that i discovered in the area. the water feels like a constant existence, no matter where you choose to go. even if you cant start to see the thames and/or quays, you'll hear the calming sound associated with wave, rocking backwards and forwards.

I must say i appreciated the diversity and power of communities from the isle of puppies. i found young people having barbecues, partners revealing some time alone while watching the thames, moms and dads taking kids into finance companies associated with the river, elderly residents whove lived regarding island for 50 many years and remember an occasion when canary wharf didnt exist. unprompted, they complained about property designers damaged guarantees to subscribe to the location while slowly encroaching upon it.

Its important to me to develop stunning images but the project all together must state some thing even more. as a londoner myself, ive observed the impact the rampant gentrification of some places has received. ive observed it destroy places that i love, so section of this task had been asking issue: where does it end?

I really hope the communities i met regarding isle of dogs will continue to flourish but due to their distance to canary wharf, with its aggressively growing sprawl of luxury flats, i am aware the locals fear they too will one day fade into obsolescence.


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