Visualizing America's Craft Brewery Boom

National Beer Day celebrates the end of Prohibition in the United States for low-alcohol beer.

Beer-lovers across America celebrated

April 7th is National Beer Day


Come remember the end of Prohibition

At least, so far as low-alcohol beer is concerned.


Statista's Felix Richter reports


On that date in 1933, President Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, which legalized the sale and consumption beer with alcohol levels up to 3.2 percent.


This was the first step in the process of repealing Prohibition. It officially ended on December 5, 1933 with the ratification the 21st Amendment.

Since then, National Beer Day is a day to honor the rich history and culture that beer has had in the United States. It includes events, festivals and, of course, beer drinking.

The number of beers produced in America has increased over the past few years.

Craft breweries


beer styles

The past decade has seen a tremendous increase in the number of people who use it.

As our latest Racing Bars video shows,

After growing by less that 20 percent over the past decade, the number of independent, small-scale breweries has more than quadrupled between 2010-2021.

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Brewers Association

The U.S. beer scene included over 9,000 craft breweries by 2021. This is a significant counterweight to the global beer industry.

Conglomerates for brewing

They hold a growing share of the global beer industry.