More than 100 people were arrested in louisville, kentucky, as protests broke out at the news that only one of the three officers involved in the killing of breonna taylor would face criminal charges.

The kentucky attorney-general on wednesday announced charges against former louisville police department officer brett hankison for wanton endangerment but not for the death of taylor, a black woman, directly.

Protesters took to the streets in louisville and across the us in response, including in new york, washington, houston and los angeles. in portland, oregon, the location of fierce clashes for several months, police declared a riot.

In louisville, two police officers were shot but are expected to recover. one suspect is in custody. local police did not provide further details about the suspect at a press conference on wednesday night.

Donald trump wrote on twitter that he was praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in louisville, kentucky. the federal government stands behind you and is ready to help.

The us president, who has sought to leverage civil unrest this year to warn voters off electing his democratic presidential rival, joe biden, followed up with his election slogan: law & order.

The fbi louisville field office said it was assisting in the investigation of the shooting of the two officers.

Taylor was killed late at night in march when three officers burst into her apartment to execute a search warrant in a drugs investigation. her boyfriend, who was lawfully armed, fired a shot, injuring one of the officers, and said he did not know it was the police.

The three officers, including mr hankison, returned fire into the apartment. mr hankison wantonly and blindly fired 10 rounds, louisville police said this year when he was fired from his job.

On wednesday, the kentucky attorney-general, daniel cameron, said that the officers had announced themselves when serving the warrant, arguing it was not a no-knock warrant. louisville has banned no-knock warrants since taylors killing.

He said that charges were not appropriate against the two other officers, including myles cosgrove, who investigators found had fired the shot that killed taylor, because they were justified in the return of deadly fire.