Donald trump along with his mexican equivalent, andrs manuel lpez obrador, praised a bilateral relationship they say hasn't already been stronger at a white house summit to mark the usmca free-trade price, glossing over past differences over migration, trade tariffs and also the us border wall surface.

On their first foreign trip as president, additionally the very first conference between the two populists, mr lpez obrador effusively praised mr trumps demonstration of understanding and respect towards mexico, despite ideological differences that some had forecast would lead to clashes.

The thing i most appreciate is you have never desired to enforce on united states anything that would undermine our havent tried to treat us as a colony, he stated at service in the white home rose outdoors.

Im right here to state to people of this us that their particular president has actually behaved towards us with kindness and respect. he's got addressed us how our company is a dignified, free, democratic and sovereign country and individuals, he included. long live the relationship between our two countries.

Mr trump, which calls mr lpez obrador as a truly great guy, echoed the sentiments, despite a worsening financial investment environment in mexico with concerned us businesses.

The partnership amongst the united states and mexico never already been closer than its today, and also as the president said...people were gambling against that. we have been performing tremendous job together. we are cherished pals, partners, and neighbours, he stated.

Mr lpez obrador skirted touchy subjects praising the share mexican migrants had made to the united states, for instance, but preventing critique of mr trumps insults towards mexicans, immigration policy, its tries to scrap protections for mexicans taken up to the us as children underneath the deferred action for childhood arrivals programme or mr trumps provocative current trip of us-mexico edge wall.

Mexico this past year cracked upon central united states migrants going north, at mr trumps behest, after he threatened to enforce tariffs on all mexican exports.

But mr lpez obrador who was chosen president in december 2018 and has scant curiosity about worldwide affairs, preferring to focus on tackling corruption and impoverishment in mexico thanked mr trump to make up the distinction when mexico refused opec-led oil manufacturing cuts at easter, and for helping supply ventilators to mexico through the covid-19 crisis.

Later, in remarks before a white home dinner, mr lpez obrador stated their connection with mr trump had defied experts issues about a possible conflict.

The forecasts had been incorrect, he stated. we did not fight. we're buddies and we alsowill remain friends.

Despite criticism yourself for showing up biased, he could be maybe not fulfilling joe biden, the democrat who will challenge mr trump four months from now in the usa presidential election.

Pamela starr, a teacher during the university of southern california, said both leaders got whatever they wished.

Trump should be able to state i changed the partnership with mexico they werent our buddies, on trade or migration nevertheless now everything is going well. therefore plays into lpez obradors hands they can say the usa isnt meddling in mexican matters, she said.

Boosting the picture of two nations as allies, reports surfaced while mr lpez obrador was at the white home that csar duarte, previous governor regarding the state of chihuahua, who is desired on graft charges, was grabbed in florida.

Despite their particular commitment of unequals lpez obrador isnt cowering prior to the united states. hes being extremely strategic...hes discovered how exactly to play trump, ms starr said.

But roberta jacobson, an old us ambassador to mexico, had been less yes.

If he believes that going to the us currently is going to insulate him from future attacks by this president, especially in an election year... i do believe hes fooling himself, she told a wilson center webinar.