Consider peak marketplace euphoria?

Perfectly, errr, merely another information point today from a us equity marketplace this is certainly definitely, completely, completely regular. rather than, we ought to include, at all broken.

For context, a specific recently crowned worlds wealthiest guy tweeted the next on thursday:

Today weren't mind-readers at ft alphaville (virtual) towers -- far from it. including, remained unsure just what elon suggested when he tweeted this about the securities and exchange commission a year ago:

But had been pretty sure as he regarded signal, elon meant the the encrypted texting solution owned by a non-profit organisation funded by whatsapp co-founder brian acton, and never, erm, the stock of a technology organization labeled as signal advance (ticker: sigl), which trades regarding the over-the-counter markets.

Which can be funny, since this is exactly what the share cost seems like since:

Up an informal 4,600 per cent since thursday, to market valuation of $276m.

Totally typical, were certain youd agree.