Woody johnson, the usa ambassador into the uk, made improper or insensitive comments to their staff on subjects such as for instance religion, intercourse and color, the department of states inspector-general has actually discovered.

Mr johnson, a billionaire scion associated with the family that founded the johnson & johnson pharmaceutical company additionally the owner associated with new york jets team in american baseball, has actually served in post since august 2017. he was appointed by president donald trump.

The inspector-general said the state department should undertake an official assessment of mr johnsons compliance with equal employment chance guidelines and take proper activity based on its findings.

The state division said it disagreed with all the suggestion. a representative stated: ambassador johnson is a valued person in the team who has got led mission british honourably and professionally.

As a consequence of the divisions response, the inspector-general said it considered the situation unresolved.

In a letter on inspector general in may, mr johnson said: basically have actually accidentally offended anybody in execution of myduties, i profoundly regret that, but i really do maybe not accept that we have treatedemployees with disrespect or discriminated in any way.

The report also discovered that mr johnsons demanding, hard-driving work style occasionally negatively affected morale on embassy. he occasionally implied to staff whom he believed had been careful or resistant he may have them changed, according to the report.

The bureau of european and eurasian affairs, that mr johnson answers, said he previously watched a civil rights video clip on office harassment given the concern indicated and encouraged all staff to take the international provider institute instruction on mitigating unconscious prejudice. the bureau in addition wrote that the ambassador is well aware of their responsibility to create just the right tone for his objective and we also believe his actions illustrate that.

The report would not answer news that mr johnson, a republican celebration donor without any prior diplomatic experience, had recommended to senior uk officials in 2018 which they hold britains open championship at a trump tennis resort in scotland.

A london embassy spokesperson stated mr johnson had been fully focused on relations aided by the uk, including negotiating a free trade arrangement, helping the united states and united kingdom economies emerge from covid-19 pandemic more powerful than previously, and securing both nations resistant to the full array of threats we face.