the united kingdom government features opened a path to citizenship for over 300,000 Hong Kong residents in a striking riposte to China's security crackdown on its former colony.

Dominic Raab, foreign secretary, has actually pledged to extend visa rights for Uk National (Overseas) passport holders and facilitate their particular road to Brit citizenship unless Beijing rows right back from intends to enforce nationwide security legislation on Hong Kong.

The offer is a striking move from a government that is committed to limiting immigration and close the entranceway to no-cost entry on UK for EU residents after voting through its Brexit bargain a year ago.

It came after Asia formally authorized a strategy to enforce national safety legislation on Hong Kong, after increasing disappointment in Beijing at the citys failure to clamp upon pro-democracy protests. It will mark the first occasion the united states has actually introduced a law that imposes unlawful penalties into Hong Kongs appropriate signal, bypassing the citys legislature.

About 315,000 people hold legitimate BNO passports, a document granted to Hong Kong residents born before the handover of the territory from UK to Chinese sovereignty in 1997.

Those residentswho licensed for BNO status ahead of the handover possess straight to consular assistance but they are maybe not Uk citizens and just possess right to arrived at the united kingdom for 6 months.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Raab announced this era would-be extended to year and provide a pathway to future citizenship. UNITED KINGDOM government officials said it absolutely was the proper move to make.

Mr Raab said: If Asia continues down this path and implements this national security legislation, we will...allow those BNO passport holders to come quickly to the united kingdom and to affect work and learn for extendable durations of year and that would itself provide a path to future citizenship.

Some called for him to grant automatic citizenship towards BNOs. Tom Tugendhat, chairman of this Commons foreign affairs select committee, welcomed the pledge and required the federal government to go more and acknowledge the total liberties of Uk nationals.

The governing bodies of US, UK, Australian Continent and Canada circulated a rare combined statement on Thursday condemning Beijings latest move, saying it might weaken the only country, two systems framework put in place after the 1997 handover.

That framework presented exactly how Britain would end its century-and-a-half long rule over Hong-Kong whenever its lease ended and contains guaranteed the area an even of autonomy.

The agreement also ensured that Hong Kong enjoyed liberties not seen on the Chinese mainland.

In 1972, a past conventional federal government made an identical motion when it accepted significantly more than 28,000 Ugandan Asians with Brit passports after they were banished by the Ugandan President Idi Amin not as much as a tenth of this amount of Hong Kong residents who would be considered beneath the brand-new proposals.

A Downing Street spokesman stated: we're profoundly worried about Chinas legislation associated with nationwide safety in Hong-Kong. We have been specific that the protection legislation dangers undermining the principle of just one nation, two systems.

Our company is in close connection with our international lovers on this additionally the foreign assistant talked to US secretary [of condition Mike] Pompeo last night.

The spokesman added: The tips taken because of the Chinese government put the Joint Declaration under direct danger and do undermine Hong Kongs high level of autonomy.