Ministers tend to be set-to cut back plans for a 5bn sovereign satellite navigation system a task championed as a symbol of post-brexit britain and considering a groundbreaking alternative that could price billions less and may draw united states support.

Former prime minister theresa might launched programs for a brit opponent towards eus galileo system in 2018 if the uk had been kicked out of the satellite project after brexit. boris johnson endorsed the program a year ago right after succeeding the lady.

The prime ministers allies verified the government ended up being reviewing theresa mays plan, amid warnings about its large cost, but tasks are under solution to see if britain could develop a less costly satellite navigation capacity at a fraction of the estimated 5bn cost.

Officials tend to be exploring the prospect of a method that could deliver the same civil and military monitoring services as galileo and gps of the us while operating at a lower height as well as on yet another frequency.

One choice is to use oneweb, the uk-licensed satellite operator that collapsed in march, due to the fact system for the brand-new technology. business estimates say it would price around $1bn to build up. oneweb, which includes 74 satellites in reasonable earth orbit and plans for many hundred even more, is further ahead on regulating approvals than competitors, say several folks close to the discussions.

However, any such suggestion would require federal government help for oneweb, the focus of a bidding war after entering part 11 bankruptcy defense three months ago. it might additionally require the uk-based organization becoming offered to a british bidder.

Late a week ago mr johnson ordered ministers to go rapidly to convene a gathering associated with the nationwide area council, which was in limbo since its launch a year ago, to fast-track choices on an uk navigation service, in addition to a series of various other space-related projects.

Individuals close to the scenario stated no company choice regarding the preferred option had however already been taken therefore stayed carefully balanced. but officials have consulted airbus, the uks leading satellite maker, which verified that a low earth orbit navigation system could possibly be developed at significantly cheaper.

Moreover, the usa was pressing its companion into the five eyes intelligence-sharing alliance in order to avoid replicating the gps system, said three people who have understanding of the problem. the americans never think a british galileo could be sufficiently dissimilar to gps, stated one. they comprehend the weaknesses of gps. they want something technologically various.

Us officials was interested in the concept that crucial navigation technology could possibly be concealed in ordinary sight on as much as 80 of onewebs planned 648 satellites, making all of them more difficult to compromise, based on two people which held conversations with both united states defence officials and the uk federal government.

In early march, stuart martin, leader associated with the satellite applications catapult, told the financial times that whilst it could be difficult to develop this cutting-edge technology on satellites at reasonable orbit, great britain had the expertise therefore will be highly exportable.

This could provide something really different that improves gps, he stated. it's one other way to attain a worldwide system at lower cost therefore tends to make much more economic feeling.

Oneweb, that has been locked in conversations with officials for all days, has actually pledged to move satellite production from florida in the usa towards the uk if management wins federal government help for the bid. however, the organization will need to boost at the least $1.5bn from private people to fund the launch of rest of the satellites. the group was forced into personal bankruptcy security after failing to secure financing from people, including its biggest backer softbank.

David morris, the tory mp which chairs the parliamentary area committee, said the uk should seize the chance to help oneweb. commercial space is entering a unique fast phase. i am uncertain its really worth investing 5bn over eight many years to build a me also gps solution. the us government could put a portion of that in to the leo oneweb system, acquiring a global commercial operation the uk.

Additional reporting by jim pickard in london