Palestinian frontrunners have condemned the historic price announced by the united arab emirates and israel that they are normalising relations, describing it as a stab into the straight back by very effective arab says.

They've dismissed as a fig-leaf the declaration that israel would suspend its annexation of palestinian land included in the offer. iran and turkey, the uaes regional rivals, also voiced their outrage. turkeys president recep tayyip erdogan on friday threatened to suspend diplomatic relations utilizing the gulf condition.

The arrangement, announced on thursday and that your united states aided agent, means the uae is on training course in order to become only the 3rd arab state to own full diplomatic connections with israel, after egypt and jordan.

Saeb erekat, a senior frontrunner of this palestine liberation company, said: this benefits israel for continuing to take united states, killing [our] kids and building settlements. the uae has wanted to do that for some time exactly what bothers myself is the fact that they are utilising united states as a fig leaf.

After noon prayers at jerusalems flashpoint al-aqsa mosque, a number of dozen palestinian protesters organized signs bearing the image of uae leader mohammed container zayed al-nahyan with all the label traitor. there have been reports of some hundred protesters in gaza at a rally staged by islamic jihad.

Your choice by the uae to start full ties with israel without securing concessions to benefit palestinians signals the extent that their particular cause features slid down the selection of local issues, experts stated. while governments pay lip service to palestinian independence, priorities have shifted as gulf says see more value in an alliance with israel against iran.

Diana buttu, an attorney and previous a lawyer to your palestinian negotiating staff, stated more arab countries had been expected to stick to the uaes instance. palestinians feel more alone and more dissatisfied and then we unfortunately expect other countries to follow along with suit, she stated.

She argued that whenever egypt and jordan negotiated serenity handles israel in 1979 and 1994 correspondingly there is logic into the plans like the return of busy land, but this time around it had been normalisation without something inturn. it will be the start of end.

Experts state bahrain and oman will be the after that countries to recognise israel. oman on friday revealed its support for abu dhabis move. oman hosted benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, in 2018 when he came across with then frontrunner sultan qaboos.

Abdel fattah al -sisi, the egyptian president, in addition voiced his endorsement of the comfort offer, writing on twitter which he commended the attempts of these who made this contract making sure that our area would thrive and achieve stability.

There is a careful greeting from amman, showing the fact that despite its serenity contract with israel, jordan can be residence to countless palestinians. ayman safadi, the foreign minister, stated: if israel relates to the agreement as a motivation to get rid of the profession...theregion will advance towards attaining a just comfort, however if israel will not do this, the dispute will deepen, and explode as a threat to the security regarding the entire center east area.

Iran and turkey strongly condemned the offer. tehran labeled as it strategic stupidity and warned against any israeli participation inside gulf.the islamic republic of iran considers the disgraceful work by abu dhabi to normalise relations utilizing the artificial, illegitimate and inhumane zionist regime dangerous, stated the foreign ministry on friday.

Turkey also accused the uae of making secret calculations based on the stillborn and invalid us plan [and] disregarding palestines will. record additionally the conscience of those associated with area will not forget nor forgive the uaes hypocritical behavior, for which it's betrayed the palestinian cause of its own interests while trying to provide it as a self-sacrifice for palestine.

In feedback after friday prayers, mr erdogan stated: i provided my order towards the foreign minister. i said, we're able to take measures such suspending diplomatic relations utilizing the abu dhabi federal government or withdrawing our ambassador, because we stand-by the palestinian people.

Chicken has already established diplomatic relations with israel since 1949, and thetwo countries had trade of very nearly $6bn in 2019.

Thus far, the deal appears to have been welcomed in israel. mr netanyahu has said he is nonetheless dedicated to the annexation of palestinian territory, a process which has had stalled recently.

Amos yadlin, an old mind of israeli military intelligence and today within inss think-tank, said that if ties had been normalised then there's prospect of a real hot serenity with a significant arab condition.

Delaying annexation or better yet cancelling it, would conserve israel the unneeded political, protection, and economic prices and will let it concentrate on ab muscles genuine national protection difficulties it is facing: economic climate, covid, iran, hizbollah, and hamas, he had written on twitter.

Mr netanyahus erstwhile religious nationalist allies, now in opposition, fear the annexation of western bank settlements guaranteed in previous election campaigns will not today happen.

Additional reporting by najmeh bozorgmehr in tehran and ayla jean yackley in istanbul