The president of bolivia and another of the most extremely effective figures in venezuelas governing socialist party have tested positive for coronavirus as the pandemic will continue to sweep across latin the united states.

Jeanine aez, bolivias interim president, confirmed her development ina videoon twitter on thursday, saying she'd quarantine for 14 days while including: i'm great. i'm powerful. i am going to carry on working.

The 52-year-old is a result of fight a presidential election in 2 months. the previous rightwing senator has been around power since belated last year when the countrys longtime leader evo morales fled amid allegations of electoral fraudulence.

In venezuela, diosdado cabello alsoconfirmed their good testvia twitter, saying his morale had been high. president nicols madurosent himhis most readily useful desires, explaining him as his bro, comrade and friend.

Mr cabello is regarded as the 2nd most powerful man in venezuela behind mr maduro. for a few is considered the most effective. he's vice-president regarding the socialist party which has ruled for 21 years.

An in depth buddy and friend of previous president hugo chvez, mr cabello was jailed for their part in an unsuccessful coup in 1992 and rose to energy by mr chvezs side from 1999.

The us has actually accused him of drug-trafficking and profiting from cash laundering, fees he denies. in march this year, washington supplied a $10m bounty for information leading to his arrest.

Rumours in regards to the 57-year-olds health had circulated after he cancelled his once a week television show on wednesday, complaining of a very good sensitivity.

The high-profile instances come 2 days after brazils president jair bolsonarosaid he had tested positivefor the illness.

Latin america happens to be consistently accounting for approximately half of day-to-day coronavirus situations in the world, despite becoming home to simply 8 per cent for the global population.

Brazil features recorded above 1.7m instances, 2nd only to the usa, while peru (316,000), chile (306,000) and mexico (275,000) additionally figure when you look at the top when it comes to absolute figures.

About 120,000 men and women have died in those four latin american countriesalone above a fifth of all the fatalities on the planet through the virus.

Until now, bolivias numbers being reasonably reasonable compared with its neighbors, but they are climbing steadily.

The world of 11m individuals has recorded 43,000 instances and over 1,500 fatalities. among poorest nations in your community, bolivia is struggling to cope. the city of cochabamba together with jungle province of santa cruz are especially hard-hit, with workers hastily digging size graves.

A number of people in ms aezs closet have tested good for covid-19 previously week.

Venezuelas covid figures tend to be among the least expensive in the area 8,372 verified situations and 80 fatalities in a country of 28m.

But human being liberties teams while the us-backed opposition accuse the maduro federal government of covering up the extent of pandemic. in may, new york-based human rights watch described the state numbers as ridiculous in a country suffering a deep humanitarian, political and financial collapse.

The western province of zulia, near to the edge with colombia, seemingly have become an area coronavirus hotspot. on thursday, condition governor omar prieto joined up with mr cabello in saying he too had tested positive.

Mr maduro has actually blamed the rising figures on brought in cases from colombia. a number of the an incredible number of venezuelan migrants that have fled the nation have-been drifting straight back through the pandemic.

While colombia has escaped the worst of the virus, its numbers may rising steadily.

On thursday, for the first time, it recorded above 5,000 situations in a 24-hour duration. throughout, the nation of 50m individuals has registered 134,000 situations and much more than 4,700 fatalities.

President ivn duque has had six examinations the virus since the pandemic began, including one recently. all have-been unfavorable.