Two journalists from a local press agency have been injured in a stabbing attack near the former office of satirical magazine charlie hebdo in paris on friday.

Police cordoned off an area in the north-east of paris near boulevard richard-lenoir for about three hours, locking down local schools and warning people to stay away.

Rmy heitz, the anti-terrorism prosecutor, said two people had been arrested and were being interrogated.

The main attacker is in custody, and a second person is also being detained so we can verify his relationship with the first person, he said at a press conference. the investigation is ongoing.

The incident comes as 14 people allegedly involved in the attack at the charlie hebdo offices in january 2015 are standing trial. those people are accused of helping the two islamist extremists who killed 12 people when they stormed the magazines newsroom out of anger over cartoons it published of the prophet mohammed.

Following the attacks, the magazine moved its office to a new location, and remains under strict security protection.

But charlie hebdo has remained steadfast about its freedom of expression, and as the trial began, it republished the cartoons. only last week the magazines human resources director said she had been evacuated from her home after receiving threats.

Paul moreira, a journalist at agency premires lignes, told bfm tv that the two victims were employees of his agency, which is located in the same building as the old charlie hebdo office. it is chilling, he said. the charlie trial is going on, this is the same office, they were attacked, and they werent protected.

Map showing knife attack in paris. attack happened near former offices of charlie hebdo

French prime minister jean castex said that the two victims had serious but not life-threatening injuries. a grave act has been committed here, he said, calling the location symbolic.

I want to indicate my solidarity with the victims and the colleagues of these two journalists, he said. the government strongly supports the freedom of the press and remains determined to fight against terrorism.

By 3pm local time, the prefecture of police said parents of schoolchildren in the area could come and pick up their children. the protective measures have been lifted, it wrote on twitter.