The copywriter is Greeces international minister

from summertime of 2015 until very early 2016, the EU faced a massiveinflux of asylum hunters, many fleeing the dispute in Syria.About 1m individuals entered European countries,most of these from chicken, by arriving on Greek countries in the Aegean.

to handle this influx and relieve the burden, the EU and Turkey reached a governmental agreement in March 2016. This generated an enormous decrease in arrivals towards the EU from Turkey. In addition it proved that chicken has the capacity to get a grip on the flow of migrants and refugees.

The shared declaration included a series of obligations. The EU has stood by all of them. But Turkey has actually tried to tie the arrangement to EU help of the wider neo-Ottoman projects in north Syria and beyond, and draw out more resources.

First, it threatened to start its boundaries and let huge variety of migrants and refugees into Europe.

After that final thirty days, following losings that Turkey suffered in Idlib, its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made good on his threats and exposed the gates to all or any those trying to develop a much better future in European countries. Chicken unilaterally abrogated its duties for this 2016 EU-Turkey declaration.

It in addition desired to use human beings as pawns so that they can blackmail the EU. Here is the exact same union that chicken still aspires to participate, or more it states.

Greece ended up being exposed tosudden, massive and organised pressure from big population motions on its east boundaries.

Thousands were urged to just take buses from Istanbul and somewhere else into the Greek border.

They arrived after Turkish officials said the boundaries wereopen.Families with younger childrenwere generated the Turkish side of the border, using the goal of offering Ankaraspropaganda device.

But there were additionally huge and organised categories of young people who attemptedto get across into Greece.

We think they acted with thesupport, incitement and guidanceof Turkish authorities. This happened despite the fact that Greek authorities made amply clear byvarious means, including official statements and cell phone and personal mediamessages that no illegal crossings whatsoever is tolerated.

In their work to enter, these categories of teenagers used violence, throwing rocks andtear fuel manufactured in Turkey, against Greek border protections. Turkish safety forcesencouraged all of them or, at best, switched ablind attention.

chicken connected the decision to start its borders into the crisis within the Syrianprovince of Idlib.

but a lot more than 60 percent of those arrested for illegally crossing the Greek border were Afghans. Lower than 10 percent had been Syrians, and even they had already been surviving in Turkey for decades.

this is perhaps not a natural move. It was a well planned assault against Greece and against European countries.

To enhance the influence of their practices, Turkish ministers spoke of migrants being shot at with real time ammunition by Greek safety forces as well as some staying shot dead.

We examine these statements as amounting to scandalous phony development, and they have beencategorically declined by the Greek government.

The Turkish management went so far as toliken the problem during the border to your plight of the Jews during Holocaust.

This disrespected the memory regarding the millions brutally murdered because of the Nazis. Greece additionally suffered a considerable human cost in second globe war battling alongside its European and US allies, while Turkey stayed neutral until 1945.

AtEvros, Greece protected its edge. We think we acted incompliance with intercontinental and local law, so that as a legitimate reaction to Turkish provocations. The EU endured beside us, and indicated complete solidarity by giving both means and workers to protect the blocs common edges.

Europe emerged united in rejecting Turkish methods to extort gains at the cost of human being suffering.

The EU stands as a beacon for democracy, person legal rights and respect for intercontinental legislation. It ranks top in virtually everyindex ranging from municipal freedoms to rule of legislation, democracy and respect of minorities. Admittedly, its a highly desirable place to stay.

As Europeans, we continue to be believing that European countries can and should still offer assistance to your millions of Syrian refugees and displaced persons that are both within Syria or hosted by neighbouring countries particularly Turkey, which has the largest number.

but neither Greece nor the EU will engage chicken under duress, risk or blackmail.

Maybe the time has arrived, particularly because of the hard scenario everyone face utilizing the pandemic, for the Turkish leadership to realise that its extortion diplomacy features ceased to be effective.