Top 5 Best Pharmacy Management Systems in 2022

Running a pharmacy can be tricky, especially in today's economy. Let's look at the 5 best pharmacy management systems to boost profits and improve relationships with your patients.

Top 5 Best Pharmacy Management Systems in 2022

Thea Felicity, Tech Times 22 December 2022, 07:12 am (Photo : Tbel Abuseridze / Unsplash) The healthcare industry is continuously evolving and modernizing, and the future of pharmacy is no exception. With that, pharmacy management systems are in the spotlight, and a technology-packed system is more important than ever to compete against chains and other independent pharmacies. One of the most evolving truths about independent pharmacy is that it is not just a place to fill prescriptions.

On average, patients see pharmacists 12 times per annum as opposed to their general physicians who see them 1-2 times per annum. This allows pharmacists to better work with patients and help them achieve their healthcare goals. When paired with medical care, pharmacists can be a great asset to optimal healthcare outcomes. Many states grant pharmacists provider status which allows them to provide additional services such as point-of-care testing or immunizations.

To run a successful pharmacy, pharmacists need to be more patient-oriented and focused. Owners need to be able to automate, organize staff, maximize refills and build star ratings. Pharmacy management systems are here to help. What does a pharmacy management system do? Pharmacy management software, or PMS, is any technology that helps automate the workflow of a pharmacy.

A PMS involves managing daily tasks such as filling prescriptions, managing patient history, transmitting claims live to insurance for payment, preparing drugs, monitoring inventory and placing orders, invoicing, counseling patients, medication reconciliation and interaction checks, and so much more-all while adhering to legal norms and compliance at both the state and federal level. Today, your pharmacy software needs to do more than these everyday tasks.  Modern pharmacy systems integrate task management, automate many processes such as refills, communication with patients for reminders, maintenance medication auto refill requests upon using the last fill, schedulers to set up and automate recurring tasks, mobile applications for patient refills, and the list goes on. Your competition offers their patients so many conveniences that modern technology provides, so you must do the same to stay competitive.  Today's world is built around conveniences provided by technology, so having a pharmacy software system that does not offer all of these features, or one that is not easy to use, can leave you at a significant competitive disadvantage.

The best pharmacy software provides many features that can give any community pharmacy a competitive advantage. The best pharmacy systems offer a more robust suite of products paired with a 5-star rated support team that responds quickly to client issues and needs. Which Is the Best Software for Pharmacy? The best pharmacy management systems help in achieving two corporate objectives.

First, to create a more efficient and automated pharmacy workflow. The second goal is to stay ahead of the competition through improving patient experience and providing superior customer service. Datascan and its pharmacy management products have been consistently rated the top-rated company and system in the market.

They have had many clients for decades due to the fastest response times and technology that gets updated constantly.   Consistently, Datascan also ranked the best in customer satisfaction. #1 Datascan Datascan pharmacy software has been providing innovative and affordable technology-driven pharmacy software solutions to independently owned pharmacies in the United States since 1981.

Its client-centric features are designed to help you do more for less. Datascan continues to provide the ultimate trifecta—pricing, product technology, and service—from a privately held firm. (Photo : Datascan) What makes Datascan so different is that a private equity investment firm does not control them.

They are the oldest independent pharmacy software vendor in America, dating back to 1981. Datascan is a leader in customer service and technology. MTM, MTM, 2-way SMS messaging, mobile apps, many automated features and email notifications are just some of the features included in their pharmacy software packages.

In fact, some of their most valuable features that prioritize what pharmacy owners want come from collaboration with clients. Datascan's pharmacy software solutions are intuitive, user-friendly, and pharmacy-focused. Datascan continues to develop first-to-market features to stay ahead of the competition.

These features are integrated directly into your pharmacy software system. So while the competition is concerned with how rapidly they can expand, Datascan is concerned with how to help your pharmacy boost profits and improve customer loyalty. Key Features Datascan's Winpharm is a pharmacy management system designed for independent retail pharmacies, compounding, hospital outpatient pharmacies, physician dispensaries, and long-term care pharmacies.

It assists users in managing the everyday demands of running a successful independent pharmacy. WinPharm software is packed full of cutting-edge technology and capabilities for establishing and operating a successful and lucrative independent pharmacy. It offers key features to move your pharmacy into the future, regardless of its model.

Some of the key features are: Assisting pharmacies in designing a custom workflow solution that best fits within their day-to-day operations. There are also a variety of automated reports and tools available to help you optimize your workflow and save time. You can configure each tool for a customized workflow to execute when and how you need it.

Your patients can better manage their medications with the free mobile scripts patient app and online web fills. Patients can also create an account to review current prescription information and statuses, link children under 18 to their parents, set medication reminders, and even find directions to the pharmacy. Help patients build medication adherence and compliance by getting involved in their treatment.

Send text or email alerts to patients when it's time for a refill, when their prescriptions are available for pick up, ready for delivery, or have been dispatched. You can even send a personalized note on their birthdays! WinPharm also lets you create personalized custom messages to patients at any time. Pharmacies can also set up 2-way text messaging to provide easier patient access to pharmacists.

Owners will automatically be notified of daily updates from the point-of-sale and pharmacy systems from their central store management system. You can run unlimited reports for your pharmacy as well as your front-end POS system. Save the reports so you can easily recall them later. WinPharm software, Datascan POS and Inventory features allow you to manage inventory better in your pharmacy.

You can order inventory from your wholesalers right in Datascan's software, and it can help you shop for the best pricing across your vendors! The system can also look at historical ordering to help manage expectations and avoid over-ordering. Datascan also offers cutting-edge technology to assist you in capturing and analyzing losses, understanding claims, and managing DIR fees. Better inventory management and claims analytics build bigger profits back into your pharmacy.

Your pharmacy will be able to fill more prescriptions thanks to an innovative system scheduler. Datascan's system automation allows your employees to concentrate on providing high-quality patient care. Datascan's Advantages Size Over the years, much of the pharmacy software industry was sold and consolidated into large companies that include many software vendors.

Now, customers must wait longer for support, sometimes submitting a ticket and waiting up to weeks for a solution. With these larger companies, pharmacy owners no longer have a voice for software ideas and updates as they become one of thousands and thousands of consumers. On the other hand, DataScan has been privately held for over 40 years, allowing them to treat their customers as individuals,  providing clients with near-immediate attention, and always giving them a voice.

Technology DataScan has been delivering new features to its clients for over 40 years. DataScan was the first company to launch a Windows-based pharmacy software and the first company to create a pharmacy-specific point-of-sale program from scratch. Datascan charges monthly fees that include a large portion of the technology Datascan offers in its base monthly fees.

Pricing DataScan is one of the most affordable systems available, regardless of whether it's monthly fees or startup costs. DataScan offers affordable packages that fit any pharmacy's budget. DataScan's customer service and support team are available to help you by phone. They have one of the fastest turnaround times and the fastest response times for handling your complaints and issues. They are known for their quick responses, fast turnaround times, and friendly support staff that will put your mind at ease whenever you need them.

If you need to escalate an issue, the process is quick and easy. The head of support and vice president will be available to you immediately. This smaller company has the ability to reach top executives. (Photo: Datascan). Datascan is committed in collaborating with clients to build a better product every day.

They have the industry's highest client retention rate. Datascan has been trusted by thousands of independent pharmacies for over a decade and they continue to use its products to grow their businesses. Datascan, currently owned privately by Kevin Minassian, is a company that Datascan does not own.

2 PioneerRx PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is delighted to help small pharmacies committed to positively impacting their communities. Even during the pandemic, its team continues to produce new software innovations that streamline pharmacy efficiency. PioneerRx's objective is to save and revitalize independent pharmacies alongside those who use its best pharmacy software daily and create a sustainable future for community pharmacies worldwide.

(Photo : Screenshot from PioneerRX Official Website) Among the most notable features are the messaging options. Thanks to the new Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging function, pharmacists may now connect with others in the PioneerRx network easily and quickly. They can contact other locations within the same firm or pharmacies in the same neighborhood, ask questions, get answers, and seek advice on one easy-to-use platform.

It also significantly improves efficiency and inventory management. Medication synchronization can dramatically increase "patient adherence and convenience," which leads to customer satisfaction. A Patient Risk Score also allows pharmacists to demonstrate their value to payers by offering further intervention to patients at risk of significant health effects.

Key Features and Advantages Improved communications between pharmacy owner and pharmacy manager Put patients at the front with features like Risk Score, Automatic Refill, Patient Engagement, and more Features enhanced workflow so you can run your pharmacy better Manages your processes all under one central office Pioneer RX is owned by Francisco Partners, a growth equity firm that owns QS1 and other firms under the corporate umbrella of Redsail Technologies. #3 PrimeRx PrimeRx is another industry-leading pharmacy management software solution designed exclusively for today's busy pharmacies nationwide. It offers a comprehensive system with complete customer relationship management control from a single platform, acting as the pharmacy's backbone.

(Photo : Screenshot from PrimeRX Official Website) It includes critical services such as workflow and inventory management, patient and provider intake, prescription processing, labeling & dispensing, and patient record management. Beyond that, this pharmacy software has additional features for long-term, compounding, and specialty pharmacies. Overall, it provides a comprehensive pharmacy dispensing solution that boosts productivity and customer relationships.

The PrimeRx platform was created in direct response to the demands of pharmacists. Pharmacists desire a user-friendly, technology-based solution to increase productivity, automate essential operations, and better serve patients. PrimeRx meets these standards and regularly adds functionality to satisfy the evolving demands of today's pharmacies.

Key features and advantages #4 Rx30 There are many types of independent pharmacies. This could be a central site management for several sites, or a bedside delivery application for hospitals and nursing homes.

The Rx30 pharmacy management software is a great tool to help you achieve your pharmacy goals. It gives you the tools to increase patient engagement at your retail pharmacy, grow into a pharmaceutical company or add value to hospital systems. (Photo: Screenshot taken from Rx30 Official Site) Rx30's unique central pharmacy software connects the point-of-sale and pharmacy administration systems.

It's also responsible for merging commercial and clinical activities into a single comprehensive, end-to-end solution. It has an innovative 360 Solution, which integrates drug treatment management and clinical service options into the Rx30 pharmacy software. It aims to increase pharmacy income and enhance pharmacy quality per