There were countless twists and turns in tiktoks politically contorted saga that each and every development passes because fleetingly among the apps 15-second videos.

The latest came later tuesday. with a november 12 due date looming for tiktok to offer its us businesses, or danger being turn off, the apps chinese mother or father bytedance submitted an eleventh hour appropriate challenge in a federal courtroom looking for a reprieve.

Bytedance had already hit a complex cooperation arrangement with oracle and walmart in september in a bid to stop tiktok, which has about 100m people in the us, from a ban indeed there. the plan, creating a fresh tiktok international organization headquartered in the us to oversee neighborhood user information, was endowed by mr trump.

But 2 months on, tiktok is stuck in a legal limbo. the deal features however to secure formal approval from beijing and washington. concerns over whether bytedance would retain a big part shareholding continue to be. a hotly contested us presidential election features pushed tiktok down the trump administrations schedule.

Even if bytedance succeeds in getting the courtroom to intervene and extend the november 12 deadline, its future is not even close to particular under president-elect joe biden.

Tiktok hardly ranks towards the top of mr bidens to-do record. in the very first address as president-elect a week ago, mr biden listed controlling the pandemic, jump-starting the united states economy, promoting racial equivalence and environment change as their concerns.

Additionally, using a tougher position against asia is just one of the few issues that both republicans and democrats may actually agree with.

America does need getting hard with asia, mr biden published earlier on this year. about tiktok, he's said regarding campaign path that it's a matter of genuine issue.

So does which means that tiktok devotees must eventually put up without their particular everyday dosage of viral dance challenges? that stays confusing. without a doubt, chinas technology companies have no more pals in washington with or without a trump when you look at the white house.

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