They Started Their Union on a High … at Over 11,000 Feet

A couple fell in love in Aspen and are getting married at a mountaintop beach club.

They Started Their Union on a High … at Over 11,000 Feet

Jenna Sperling knew from the moment she met Jessica Anna Schoenfeld in March 2018 that Jessica Anna Schoenfeld was a perfect match for Zachary Marshall Sperling. Once Ms. Schoenfeld had seen a few pictures of Zachary Marshall Sperling, it didn't take long to convince her.

Ms. Schoenfeld laughed and said that she had seen a shirtless photo on a beach. She liked the guy's look.

They met for the first two weeks after that at Fedora in Manhattan's West Village, which is now closed. The restaurant was chosen by Mr. Sperling (now 31). Ms. Schoenfeld was a vegetarian before she met Mr. Sperling. She preferred the pizza on the menu to the steak tartare.

'We are opposites but it works well because I can get her to step out of her comfort zones,' said Mr. Sperling. "She makes me better than I would be without her."

Ms. Schoenfeld was used to texts, but Mr. Sperling prefers phone conversations or in-person meetings. Ms. Schoenfeld said that she often had a 'light' conversation, but Mr. Sperling would want to discuss everything, even religion and politics.

The two had some things in common: both had graduated from Tulane and were involved in Greek life on campus. Mr. Sperling received a political science degree and a diploma in international relations in 2014. Ms. Schoenfeld earned a sociology degree in 2017. Both are Jewish, and they both enjoy traveling.

The two sat in the booth and talked until the restaurant was closing. The two went on a sushi date, and then several more.

Ms. Schoenfeld was surprised at how Mr. Sperling differed from other men she had dated. She said that people weren't as direct, intentional and deep as Zach. At first, I was intimidated by it because I'm not used to that. Then I began to appreciate it because I knew exactly how he was feeling.


Mr. Sperling was impressed by the kindness of Ms. Schoenfeld and her energy in their conversation.

Ms. Schoenfeld is originally from Stamford in Connecticut, but she spent some time growing up in Manhattan. She works as a lifestyle and travel manager for Roman & Erica Inc. in New York, a luxury lifestyle and travel management company. Mr. Sperling grew up in the Upper East Side and is now the executive director at East West Basics. He runs the firm with his father and sister, Robert Sperling.

The couple had moved into the Upper East Side by the summer of 2019. They visited Beaver Creek in Colorado on a skiing trip in December that year and planted the seed. Ms. Schoenfeld began lessons after not having skied in more than a decade. The two also discussed a future outside of the city. They left the city in March 2020 to go live with Mr. Sperling and his family on Long Island.

She said, 'Zach had his heart set on the mountains and I was ready for a fresh adventure.' I was ready to make the leap.

In August 2020 they moved to Aspen in Colorado, a place neither of them had visited before. Mr. Sperling visited Utah and Telluride in Colorado, but Aspen met their criteria. They wanted to be near mountains and preferably a ski resort, but also have access to the city's restaurants, art galleries, and other amenities.

Mr. Sperling initially thought Aspen was too "ostentatious," but he and his family were pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome they received.

Mr. Sperling made his proposal in July 2021, at the Topping Rose house in Bridgehampton (N.Y.). When Ms. Schoenfeld came, Mr. Sperling had a surprise for her in the garden.

The couple married on Aspen Mountain, at the AspenX beach club with 72 guests present. Jillian Salant was ordained to officiate by the Universal Life Church. She is the best friend of the groom. She joked that the couple would face the biggest challenge in finding a home because of the rising interest rates.

The celebrations began with a ski. There was no first dancing, but rather a first skiing. After cocktail hour the newlyweds took 30 guests to the Little Nell Wine Bar for a reception.

Mr. Sperling stated that 'this is our happy place'. We want to raise our children here and continue this journey.