TFI International (OTCMKTS:TFIFF) Shares Up 0.8%

The stock price of ) rose by 0.8% on Friday. The stock reached a high of $108.70 before trading at $107.00. The mid-day volume was 290,675 compared to the average session of 864. This is a 33,543% increase. The stock closed previously at $106.19.

TFI International Price Performance

The company has a moving average for 50 days of $114.70, and a moving average for 200 days of $110.13.

TFI International Company profile

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TFI International Inc., through its subsidiaries provides transportation and logistic services in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. The company is divided into three segments: Package and Courier and Less-than-Truckload. The Package and Courier Segment is responsible for the pick-up, transportation, and delivery. offers a FREE daily email newsletter