I enjoyed the vice-presidential debate and its contrast with last weeks horrific display by donald trump in his debate with joe biden. it reminded us and hopefully some american voters that it is possible to have reasonably substantive exchanges without descending into barbarity. (i am thinking, in particular, about the presidents comments on bidens two sons, the late beau, and hunter, but plenty more besides.)

Will it change the election? no. which means it was a victory for kamala harris and the former vice-president. all she needed to do was not make news or change the narrative.

It would take an asteroid, or perhaps a war, to change the focus of the 2020 election. this poll is by donald trump, for donald trump and of donald trump. biden would like to keep it that way. so would trump.

Harriss job was to ensure that the election remains a referendum on the president. she did her job effectively and methodically. mike pence did as good a job as he could have under the circumstances. but even the most felicitous debaters would have struggled with material like that. we can now return our focus to the meat of the election. this was an absorbing non-event.

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