Spin Master (OTCMKTS:SNMSF) Share Price Crosses Below 50 Day Moving Average of $26.82

$25.99. The company's shares fell below its 50-day moving average.

The share price of ) fell below its 50 day moving average on trading Wednesday. Stock has a moving average of 26.82 dollars and was traded as low at $26.49. Spin Master shares were last traded at $25.49, with 231 shares changing hands.

Analyst Ratings Changes

Recently, a number of equity analysts weighed in about the stock. Stifel Nicolaus raised their price target on Spin Master shares from C$49.00 up to C$50.00 on Friday, 5th May in a research report. National Bank Financial increased their price target for shares of Spin Master in a research report on Thursday, 5th May from C$42.00 up to C$44.00. Royal Bank of Canada raised their price target on Spin Master shares from C$47.00 up to C$48.00 on Thursday, 4th May. CIBC upgraded Spin Master shares from a neutral' to an outperform rating in a Friday, May 5th report. The company's two-hundred-day moving-average is $26.03 and its fifty-day moving-average is $26.81.

Spin Master Dividend

A dividend was also paid by the company on Friday, 14th April. Investors who were registered on March 31st received a dividend of $0.0435. This dividend yield is 0.66%. The ex-dividend day was Thursday, 30th March.

Spin Master Company Profile

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Spin Master Corp., an entertainment company that designs, manufactures, and markets toys, is a toy manufacturer. Spin Master Corp. operates in four segments: Toys Entertainment Digital Games Corporate and Other. Toys is a segment that deals with the design, manufacture, licensing and marketing of consumer goods.

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