One of south koreas biggest technology businesses is abandoning hong kong as a base for backup information storage space because of privacy fears.

Naver a google rival that dominates the south korean marketplace for internet solutions and is the owner of a majority of japan-based whatsapp competition line verified it absolutely was relocating its data back-up centre from hong kong to a broadened web site in singapore.

The move may be the very first by a major international technology group to formally retreat from the territory responding to chinas new nationwide security laws and regulations, analysts stated.

Silicon valley giants including facebook, twitter and googleare reviewing their functions in hong-kong in response to sweeping brand-new settings enforced by beijing this month that bring hong kongs internet within mainland chinas great firewall.

We have recently made the decision, considering various factors, including hong kongs nationwide protection law, naver stated.

Its exit comes amid widespread concern among foreign teams that they will be required to give personal user information to hong kong authorities including face censorship because of the chinese communist party. similar fears have ended many us tech businesses from running within china consistently.

Claude achcar, the hong kong-based handling partner of actel consulting, a technology advisory team, stated navers move was further evidence the world has become solidly divided between two tech poles, the usa and china.

It is hard to help make the claim for hong-kong becoming asias globe town when it is becoming drawn firmly to the china pole... non-china technology will increase somewhere else, he stated.

Facebook, bing and microsoft were among companies that this month briefly blocked hong kongs government from opening individual information while they assessed the implications of brand-new law.the us technology teams, the majority of which may have data centres in hong-kong, are secured in negotiations over a proposition to provide regulators within the area access to consumer banking documents.

A few smaller internet host teams have this thirty days power down their particular hong-kong vpn hosts, which are commonly used to prevent beijings internet controls.

Analysts say some companieswill be forced to go infrastructure from the city rather than compromise their particular privacy responsibilities to clients.

In one single situation, the us government it self has taken activity. final thirty days the united states justice department warned against linking a well planned high-speed net cable between hong-kong and also the us on thebasis so it could expose global information to china.the pacific light cable community, supported by organizations including google and facebook, would have been the first direct link amongst the us and hong-kong.

But mr achcar added that despite a potential exodus of international technology teams, hong kong would take advantage of fresh chinese investment.

Still, your decision by seoul-based naver shows the potential that other companies and investors could likewise move operations and possessions to singapore, as hong kong loses its lustre whilst the regions leading low-tax monetary centre and a key technology and trade hub as beijing tightens control.

The hong-kong federal government would not instantly answer needs for comment.

Naver stated the alteration would not stop clients accessing its solutions in hong-kong.