Ruth bader ginsburg, the us supreme court justice who died last week the age of 87, became the first woman and first jewish person to lie in state at the us capitol on friday.

Ginsburg has been remembered as an advocate for womens rights and gender equality, as well as a standard-bearer for liberal causes on the countrys highest court, where she was the second woman to be appointed to a seat. a fierce political fight has already begun over the nomination of her successor, which president donald trump says he will announce on saturday.

The flag-draped casket of ginsburg arrives in a hearse to lie in state at the us capitol in washington.

Joint services military honour guards carry the casket up the steps of the us capitol building. ginsburg, who was appointed by former us president bill clinton, served on the supreme court from 1993 until her death on friday last week.

Ginsburgs flag-draped casket is carried by a joint services military honour.

Deborah collins, right, watches as ginsburgs casket is brought up the steps of the us capitol where she will lie in state. members of the public have poured in to pay their respects, both at the capitol and the supreme court, where ginsburg laid in repose earlier this week.

Ginsburgs casket is carried through the us capitol rotunda.

Mourners walk through the us capitol rotunda ahead the ceremony.

Members of congress and guests pay their respects to ginsburg.

Senator kamala harris, the democratic us vice-presidential nominee, gestures while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Democratic us presidential candidate joe biden and his wife, jill biden, wait for the ceremonies to begin.

American opera singer denyce graves, accompanied by lauren ward, performs the us national anthem.

Nancy pelosi, speaker of the house of representatives, delivers an address during the ceremony for ginsburg.