The infighting in downing street that generated the deviation of boris johnsons strongest agent, dominic cummings, has reminded everyone else of this feuding at a royal court, except played out in news briefings, exclusive talk teams and intrigue up against the pms fiance, carrie symonds, who had been derided as princess nut nuts. it is therefore appropriate that ft features secured exclusive usage of the key chat-app emails of henryviiis courtiers, including thomas timeless thom cromwell along with his colleagues from voteth keep, which led the break with rome.

Have you seen exactly what princess nut nuts is up to now?

Can we really not consider a better title on her behalf? we have been allowed to be governmental geniuses...

Aye, its ribald mockery. although focus-group evaluation showeth this resonate mightily with north yeomanry :))

You arranged a focus group on the?

Of program, you dolt. it had been operate by fitzroy strategies, the team who created the take back our money motto in the dissolution for the monasteries.

Just what exactly is princess nutty performing?

Princess nut nuts, have it appropriate. she actually is intriguing against united states. she desires the howards in every the major roles. shes texting henry all the time, reminding him we commissioned the holbein picture of anne of cleves and saying we are in need of more ecological policies.

Holbein performed overdo it quite.

Hes paid to overdo it slightly. if id wished realism, id have gone for francis bloody bacon.

I dont believe francis bacon happens to be born however, thom.

But i blogged about empiricism 2 yrs ago. this really is whats wrong with federal government. anyhow, we needed a brand new wife to keep the howards out.

Couldnt you discover a comely woman?

Ive attempted. lady huntingdon is most blonde and well-connected when you look at the tech sector. but popbitch discovered and today hes shacked up with that howard woman alternatively. its a nightmare. im allowed to be his brain, not their pimp.

Might we maybe not make common cause with catherine howard?

It wont-work. have only heard she desires jane rochford as manager of communications. shes never liked me personally.

Probably since you had her husband tortured and killed. lol.

Actually. individuals are therefore petty. dont they realise theres a plague? i am focusing on procedure moonshot. really have actually 500,000 vinegar and arsenic cures by february.

But remember exactly what that boleyn girl did to wolsey. it's going to be similar again.

I warned wolsey. it was all-in my weblog.

Because you edited it later on. rofl.

How could you tell?

Because we write with quill pens, dolt, you just crossed out the little bit you wrote before.

I was merely retrofitting my forecast. you should read supersoothsaying. its the definitive focus on prophesying. this might be whats wrong with this country. our whitehall prognosticators cannot see outside their elite palace of richmond bubble.

You fixed the boleyn lady. you confiscated her head together with this lady marched out from the building by an armed swordsman.

I obtained nexit done :)))) (axe emoji.)

(crying with laughter emoji.) anyhow exactly what are we probably do about princess nutjob?

Princess nut nuts, we must stick to the marketing.

Ok. but we must go quickly.

Dont stress, we intend to get a hold of him another woman. and when we, those howards tend to be when it comes to cut. theyve wandered straight into my pitfall. today, lord lee, how can you look in a corset?

Vintage thom.

Editors note: cromwell along with his aides left the court that few days. one insisted it had been an entirely amicable parting and tweeted that in a work of clemency the king had commuted their phrase from hanged, drawn and quartered to a simple beheading. it was truly as cromwell had predicted in the blog.

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