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Nikki Haley again calls for a TikTok ban over privacy concerns

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The Republican Party faces challenges with reaching Generation Z, according to Nikki Haley. In a Fox News town hall event, Haley criticized President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for their use of TikTok, the Chinese-owned social media platform. Haley argued that TikTok should have been banned from the beginning and called it “incredibly dangerous.” She emphasized the need for fresh leadership and criticized Trump for his friendly relationship with authoritarian leaders. Haley acknowledged the GOP’s failure to engage Gen Z and first-time voters and stressed the importance of listening to their concerns about issues like the environment and debt. She called for a ban on TikTok, citing concerns over China’s access to personal data. The app has been a political flashpoint as both Democrats and Republicans accuse it of not protecting Americans’ data adequately. Haley has pursued the issue on the campaign trail, calling TikTok “one of the most dangerous social media assets” and advocating for its ban. She claimed that the Chinese government uses the app for psychological warfare, pushing subversive content that sways young Americans’ opinions.