Mike pompeo, the us secretary of condition, features struck completely at john bolton, phoning their former colleague a traitor and accusing donalds trumps ex-national protection adviser of lies in a fresh memoir.

John bolton is spreading several lies, fully-spun half-truths and straight-out falsehoods, mr pompeo said about the area where it happened, mr boltons guide that's planned becoming released next tuesday.

In a declaration headlined i was inside room also, mr pompeo stated it had been both unfortunate and dangerous that john boltons last public role is of a traitor just who damaged america by breaking their sacred trust with its folks.

Mr bolton, a foreign policy hawk who departed the management on bad terms aided by the president, was slammed by mr trump and his supporters after parts of the book had been posted recently. the president has called the man whom served as his nationwide security adviser for 17 months a sick puppy.

The trump management is wanting to block distribution of mr boltons guide. the justice division on wednesday filed for a crisis restraining order on publication, in an incident that'll be heard on friday.

Within the book, a copy that is obtained because of the financial times, mr bolton writes that mr trump was effortlessly manipulated by foreign leaders, including russian president vladimir putin and north korean dictator kim jong un.

Mr bolton recalls one incident when kim yong chol, a north korean official who made an unprecedented stop by at the white house, provided mr trump along with his first letter from kim jong un.

At the time, mr trump bragged in regards to the page to reporters. mr bolton claims it was pure puffery, adding it had been written probably by some clerk in north koreas agitprop bureau, but trump liked it.

A supporter of regime modification, mr bolton writes that mr trump ended up being hopeless to reach a denuclearisation cope with mr kim, but came away from their first summit in singapore with nothing.

The president told moon jae-in, his south korean counterpart, your meeting with mr kim had been phenomenal. but mr bolton claims that singapore had not been remarkable unless you had been a north korean.

At one point, when arrangements when it comes to singapore summit had been going poorly, mr bolton recalls inside the book that mr trump proposed he might abandon the summit. he recounted just how because of the females he previously dated, he never ever liked to possess them separation with him, he writes, adding: he constantly desired to be the one performing the separating.

Mr bolton in addition recounts some contentious intercontinental summits that mr trump went to, such as the g7 in canada and a nato conference in brussels. he says mr trump ended up being impatient at these types of activities and didnt enjoy justin trudeau, the canadian prime minister, and french president emmanuel macron.

He tolerated them, mockingly crossing swords using them in conferences, mr bolton writes.

Mr bolton in addition describes a visit to london, during which mr trump embarrassed former prime minister theresa might by criticising her approach to brexit.

Mr bolton, a brexit supporter, writes that brussels was the newest george iii: a remote...unaccountable, oppressive device that most brit voters refused in 2016.

He thinks the trump administration should have done more to help the brexiters but that besides himself in addition to president, minimal one out of the administration appeared to care.

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