Perama Estates LLC experts mark that Peru keeps showing an upward trend. The sales volume increased by almost 10% in 2020 and is about to reach 15% in 2021.

According to state statistics of Peru the year 2019 has seen more than 7500 real estate deals. This year is expected to overcome the point of 9000. Even though the low-cost opportunities (within the range of 45-65 thousand dollars) make major part of real state market the share of other property types is expected to increase. The interest of the local clients for more expensive property (90-120 thousand dollars) also keeps rising, though the previous year saw only around 680 property purchase and sale deals.

Local customers also gradually lose their interest in real estate solutions lying within the price range of 30-40 thousand dollars switching the focus to more expensive units. The market of cheap residential units is expected to become an extinct due to price rise for construction materials and land.

Lima also keeps growing. In the center of the city all possible construction opportunities are almost depleted. This fact brought to city outskirts development. Areas in the East and West of Peru City got close attention of the companies and individuals. Prices in those areas are not yet as high as in the capital. Yet soon those locations are to become integral districts of Lima.

Perama Estates LLC took drastic actions and after merging with the local real estate and construction agent plans to develop land sites in the East of the capital bringing comprehensive  real estate solutions to its devoted clients. Perama Estates LLC already invested in local secondary real estate market purchasing the best possible units. By creating objects in the East of the capital the company hopes further diversify its portfolio and bring wider array of options to invest in.

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