Three tributaries associated with the thames the fleet, tyburn and westbourne rise near where we reside in london plus one moves as near as 100m from where i am sitting in west hampstead; then they lower completely the city. with this project, i revisited their particular sources and, armed with the above understanding, things began to click: numerous street names derive from the design of this landscape. hilltops, brooks and wells facing my nose all this work time unexpectedly became noticeable.

Then i made a decision to simply take trips by foot from the resources of these tributaries, following all of them down seriously to in which they meet up with the thames. possibly it was another aftereffect of the present lockdown, nevertheless the concept of following the streams from just starting to end, a strategy with these types of a definite structure, believed great. the first two photographs listed below are produced from juxtaposing photos from the walks.

By following routes for the rivers, these walks positioned myself inside landscape. we practiced the gentle downward incline associated with the tributaries from their resources towards the thames. i had been so detached from my environments that finding simple facts of location had been really moving. it made myself realize exactly how my experience of the landscape is split into these types of tiny sections that i hadnt comprehended the way the land is formed. this made me personally consider how often we reference which region of the river we go on. my 3rd picture identifies my commitment with my companion, which life in south london, and to the way the landscape continues to have a big subliminal impact on the therapy of its inhabitants how the rate of life differs from the others on the other hand of a physical barrier toward city plus the west end.

Sayako sugawaras solo program peaks has reached argentea gallery, birmingham from autumn 2021;;

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