World analysts mark that since year 2016 Chile real estate market has brought great variety of high rise opportunities in residential sector.

Wind of change that blows across the market with the recession being over also brings good news for the market of Chile. Being one of the most attractive real estate markets in Latin America this state keeps attracting vast volumes of investments from all over the world. Chile is one of the most attractive places. Since 2018 when the property units hit the peak in this location the prices remained relatively stable even during the most sever times of world recession. Apart from that the residential units of Chile can easily compete with similar objects in other states of Latin America region yet much easier to purchase. This country has gained the reputation of a place with high-class solutions with third-world prices.

Individuals interested in apartment in high-rise or in villa can find a good solution here. Still the apartments in condo are likely to be sold out even before the construction is over. The demand for such opportunities remains to be heated. Hopefully with the developers and construction agents getting back to normal the paces of creation of such units will also get back to pre-crisis mark. The supply for certain items of Chile real estate market is yet far from reaching the demand.

Novenburg Estates Limited also decided to take part in the race. The company concentrated on secondary market purchasing and investing in residential real estate units. Novenburg Estates Limited has well balanced portfolio and by adding the investment solutions from Chile the management hopes to further diversify it. Yet true investment appetites of this Cyprus based vehicle are to be unleashed after the merger operation is over.

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