Together that is the theme that nigeria features opted for to mark 60 years of freedom from britain.

That dedication to keep the united states united has-been a hallmark of nigerias presence, particularly following the 1967 effort by the igbo cultural group to secede and develop a different country, biafra. fifty many years following the municipal war, the key policies underpinning national unity have been in jeopardy.

Nigerias founding fathers had been various faiths and tribes, and unity is known as a tribute to their fight and vision. nigerias crude oil wealth lies primarily when you look at the biafra area, it is therefore in the wider interest the nation to keep together.

But nigerias postcolonial history is fraught with tensions between its principal ethnic groups: the igbo within the south-east; the yoruba in south-west, in addition to hausa into the north.

These groups lived individually prior to the brit merged them, then amalgamated almost all christian south and majority muslim north into one nation in 1914. within many years of 1960, thoughts of unjust treatment had soured the union.

We painfully realised that federation of nigeria has actually unsuccessful, and contains given united states no security, said biafra leader emeka ojukwu in 1967. up to 3m everyday lives were lost during war, and ended after biafra surrendered in 1970.

Among the guidelines applied after the civil war was the nationwide youth provider corps (nysc), which made it mandatory for students underneath the chronilogical age of 30 to render twelve months of solution in a part of nigeria apart from their particular area of birth or domicile.

I grew up in abia state in south-east, studied in the university of ibadan, oyo state, in the south-west, and ended up being posted by the nysc to nasarawa state when you look at the north. that has been my first day at north nigeria and my first experience of a hausa-speaking neighborhood. with no nysc, many nigerians can potentially invest their particular whole life never once you understand or caring about faraway regions and individuals in their own nation.

So far, the federal government indicates no intention to dump the corps. but, in recent years, political leaders and pundits have required the insurance policy to-be scrapped. with rising insecurity, moms and dads tend to be reluctant to see their children delivered to areas where their protection can not be guaranteed.

Youth corps users happen those types of killed during boko haram assaults and spiritual riots when you look at the north, and in election violence alongside disputes in north and south.

A moment unifying policy had been the establishment of unity institutes in almost every condition in 1973. admission is highly competitive and pupils would enjoy the most useful knowledge nigeria must provide. a quota system would ensure every part of the nation ended up being represented in enrolment. with kiddies from various ethnicities together at such an early age, the hope had been which they would mature as one.

These days, unity schools tend to be divisive. to regulate intakes, cut-off marks for admissions examinations differ by state, and each year there was an outcry from south nigeria about reasonable demands for pupils through the north. religion, tradition, past-colonial policies, plus recently the insurgency team boko haram, have actually kept north nigerias education supply lagging the south. nigeria gets the largest percentage of out-of-school kiddies worldwide, based on unicef, 69 % are in the north.

Outrage from regional frontrunners has resulted in talks in parliament about the cut-off marks, with lawmakers revealing concern about motivating laziness and mediocrity.

The next policy may be the federal personality concept created in 1979, which includes a supply for every community establishment to mirror the diversity of nigeria. this policy, in addition quota-led, disregards differences in human being capital development between north and south.

The north hosts 90m of an almost 200m populace, and 19 of 36 says, as well as the federal territory of abuja. meaning northerners take more tasks in public areas organizations. unfortunately, national personality happens to be a euphemism for recruiting unqualified individuals to the public-service, states ike ekweremadu, a former deputy president of nigerias senate. these workers decrease output, deteriorate our public-service and render it ineffective.

The insurance policy is used at management amount, indicating unqualified folks can go above much more qualified colleagues. opposition prospects within the 2019 presidential election ran on claims of reforming federal character, though president buhari has up to now ignored demands reform.

I think we should have nigerians from around the nation in public places company, but dozens of nigerians must certanly be people who are competent. there has to be a merit test, a competence test, says lamido sanusi, an old emir of kano inside north-west.

All three policies are now actually challenged. separatist groups capitalising on a sense of marginalisation have formed recently, like the native individuals of biafra (ipob) into the south-east plus the oduduwa republic when you look at the south-west.

Given the number of resides lost within the biafra uprising, couple of nigerians have actually a desire for food for violence as a method of resolving ethnic grievances. numerous governmental and spiritual frontrunners are calling for discussion, as well as nigeria to grant regions much more autonomy.

Nevertheless, president buhari cannot simply take agitation softly. there is a limit to exactly how much aggrieved sections of the country can tolerate.

The writer is a novelist and journalist situated in abuja, nigeria. she actually is the author regarding the books i really do maybe not come to you by potential and buried under the baobab tree.

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