My show fragments of a river started once i initially went to the coast of river thames in 2018, after residing in london for four years. i happened to be instantly interested in the cycle regarding the wave while the beauty of its contrasting states oscillating between calm sanctuary and dangerous torrent, running through the center of our town.

Walking over the shoreline, i gather discarded things and washed-up fragments. ona moss-covered tangible block during reduced tide in wapping, east across the lake, iphotograph delicate sculptural plans of the forgotten items on a white sheet of paper. these assemblages draw on aesthetics of dutch still-life painting, using only day light, while the concrete block can become a plinth. for the following hour roughly, the lake shore becomes my studio.

I capture the sculptures, always on the brink of tipping over, in an instant of perfect balance. through the stress of the expected collapse, the picture speaks for the temporary capture of photography it self, of short-term nature of my work and of the ecological fragility of theriver.

My intervention within the room is only able to ever before be short-term. at reasonable tide, the lake offers a beautifully calm landscape, but within hours the water rises and plinth disappears. when photographed, i leave my sculpted compositions at the rear of, enabling the lake to become an energetic participant when you look at the work. i am using absolutely nothing away but leaving no trace. whatever we extracted and created from the river is washed away, right back in which it originated in.

Could work confronts us with our instant affect environmental surroundings, our waste creating traces of our existence. the pictures echo the endless pattern of creation and destruction in my situation, the lake holds prospect of both.

Fragments of a river will likely be shown by sid movement gallery at picture london digital, online from october 6-20 2020.

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