Swiss musician conrad jon godly features painted numerous hills throughout their job. how come he come back to all of them? no hill is the identical, he claims. this defiance provides their newest body ofwork, however, its name. three brand-new paintings by godly tend to be featured in agroup event in st moritz, athree-month pop-up show hosted bylondon gallery jd malat.

Nevertheless #16 by conrad jon godly

Although godlys accurate use oflight offers a few of his paintings near-photographic realism, the artistpaints from memory, seeking tocapture the sense of awe and serenity that comes from considering amountain in the place of a certain spot. my work is extremely meditative, he says of their practice. that's the the very first thing.

Jd malat gallery x st moritz, until 31march 2021 atvia maistra 10, 7500st moritz, switzerland