Becoming debt free is a journey that plenty of people aspire to embark on, but taking the first step requires great courage.

On this week’s Money Clinic podcast, presenter Claer Barrett hears from a couple in their 30s who have each run up credit card debts of more than £10,000 ($13,500).

Duncan and his partner found that the pandemic amplified their debt problems. Like millions of others, they were furloughed from work — getting 80 per cent of their salaries, but still having to pay 100 per cent of their bills. How can they get their finances back on track — and how could speaking to a debt adviser help them?

Chris Browning, the voice behind the US’s Popcorn Finance podcast, gives pointers for anyone starting their own debt-free journey in 2021, and debt advice specialist Alan McIntosh explores different solutions that people in problem debt could consider.

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