Finding a part hustle that can enable you to get some money alongside most of your work is a nice-looking concept but one that could be challenging attain in practice.

Jonny, this months podcast guest, features attempted a couple of different part hustles but found them is more of an inconvenience, as theyve finished up costing him time versus making him extra cash.

With aspirations becoming a campaigner on personal finance dilemmas, charity worker jonny can be considering hustling for volunteering possibilities that may boost his future job leads. but how can he find the right balance?

Presenter claer barrett hears from experts abadesi osunsade, creator of hustle crew and presenter of techish podcast, which advises jonny to make use of success metrics to their hustles to evaluate whether theyre a wise investment of their time.

Juliet tomlinson from oxford universitys careers service urges jonny is laser-focused regarding skills he must get, and to carry on hustling while he moves within the job ladder.

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