The coronavirus has now claimed over 100,000 lives in the UK, but the economic side effects mean millions of small business owners in Britain have lost their livelihoods.

On Money Clinic podcast this week, presenter Claer Barrett meets Lowri, who runs a small events business. She’s had no work for nearly a year, and as a director of her own limited company is one of an estimated 3m people in the UK to have fallen through the cracks of government support.

Living on state benefits and reliant on her local food bank, Lowri’s previous experiences of business failure have prepared her for what she fears is to come.

Podcast experts Rebecca Seeley Harris, founder of Re Legal Consulting, and Peter Sargent, insolvency expert and consultant at Quantuma, provide practical tips for small business owners in a similar situation. Plus, we hear the latest on the growing political campaign for directors to be included in UK government grants.

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