In the chronilogical age of 61, you might think that margaret would-be anticipating retirement. however on her and millions of other ladies, to be able to retire with a pension is an impossible and unaffordable fantasy.

Due to a change in the law, margaret wont get her condition retirement until the age 66. she has relied on being employed as a supply teacher to pay for the expenses. but heres the irony businesses do not need hire older employees.

And also as she tells presenter claer barrett, decades invested employed by companies suggests she has minimal personal retirement savings.

After countless unsuccessful job applications, margaret developed another concept she's got gone back to university as an adult pupil to study english and creative writing.

Lindsay cook, the fts cash mentor columnist, describes exactly how ladies in margarets situation can perhaps work as to what theyve surely got to maximise their particular earnings in retirement, and stuart lewis, creator of over-50s online community sleep less, has plenty of methods for older jobseekers. if you'd like to speak with claer for a future event, kindly email the cash clinic staff atwith a brief description of the problem and just how you desire united states to help.