Mitico Estates LLC: Alpine region realty on modern markets

Mitico Estates LLC experts analyzed the current realty market stats of the Alps. Residential property prices in the region have increased by 60% since 2010

According to research conducted by experts at Mitico Estates LLC, rental prices for apartments in the Alpine region have increased significantly in 2022, with an average rise of 3%, which is twice the increase compared to the previous year. The highest growth was observed in Switzerland, where prices rose by almost 4%, while Austria and Germany saw a 3% increase and France a 2.5% increase, similar to 2019 figures. In contrast, the Italian part of the Alps experienced a decrease of 1%. The luxury real estate segment located in the Swiss Alps demonstrated approximately 8% growth, significantly exceeding the market average.

The primary reason for the increase in demand for real estate in the Alps was the pandemic, which led to the natural evolution of remote work. Mitico Estates experts anticipate the market will consolidate in the medium term, but ultimately, the shortage of supply should prevent significant recessions.

Swiss real estate has a solid reputation as a safe investment and its purchase price grows significantly slower than that of Austria and Germany, making housing in the Swiss Alps particularly attractive to foreign buyers. However, Andermatt is currently the only region where citizens of Switzerland and non-residents have equal rights to purchase real estate. The cost per square meter in Andermatt exceeds 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,909).

International clients are continuously investing in the development of the region and infrastructure, primarily affecting the rise of prices. Andermatt currently boasts a high-altitude 18-hole golf course, a large concert hall, 3 Michelin restaurants, and the largest ski arena in central Switzerland.

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