Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management Named to PSN Top Guns List of Best Performing Strategies for Q4 2022

Quarterly PSN Top Guns List published by Zephyr identifies best-in-class separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategiesMILWAUKEE, Wis., Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Milwaukee…

Zephyr publishes the Quarterly PSN Top Guns List, which identifies the best-in-class managed accounts and separate accounts as well as managed ETF strategies.

MILWAUKEE (Wis.), February 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), -- Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management has been included in the PSN Top Guns List for best performing managed accounts and separate accounts. It also managed ETF strategies. Zephyr continues to be one of the most valuable resources for asset managers and investors.

"With growing interest in separately managed accounts," the PSN Top Guns List attracted more attention according to Margaret Tobiasen (SVP of Data Distribution), who points out that the popularity of the list is due to PSN's pioneering efforts in creating the first SMA database. "Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management's remarkable work has earned us the honor of including them as a top performer.

JP Geygan (MIAM Portfolio Manager and Chief Operative Officer) says that inclusion in PSN's Top Guns List was the result of our team’s continued diligence, commitment, and dedication to our research process. "In all three of the investment strategies we use, we invest in high-conviction companies that are undervalued. Recent uncertainty in global markets has given us ample opportunities to execute our investment discipline. We are looking forward to serving our clients in 2023.

The PSN Top Guns List uses a combination of performance screens from PSN to rank products in six categories across over 75 universes. This is based on product performance over time.

MIAM's Total return value strategy (TRVS), Concentrated equity value strategy (CEVS) and Focused fixed income value strategy (FFIVS were all included in PSN's Top Guns List. Each award was for multiple categories. Here are the honors for each strategy.

Concentrated Equity Val Strategy (CEVS).

Bull/Bear Small Cap Universe

1 Stars Small Cap Universe

2 Stars Small Cap Universe

3 Stars Small Cap Universe

Bull/Bear Small Cap Value Universe

1 Stars Small Cap Value Universe

2 Stars Small Cap Value Universe

3 Stars Small Cap Value Universe

US Value Universe: Bull/Bear

3 Stars US Value Universe

Focused Fixed Income Strategy (FFIVS).

1 Stars Intermediate Maturity Universe

2 Stars Intermediate Maturity Universe

3 Stars Intermediate Maturity Universe

2 stars US Fixed Income Universe

3 Stars US Fixed-Income Universe

Total Return Value Strategy (TRVS):

1 Stars US Balanced Universe

2 Stars US Balanced Universe

3 Stars US Balanced Universe

For more information and methodology, see below.

1-Star Category: Had one of the top 10 quarter returns in their strategy.

2-Star Category: Had one of the top 10 returns in the strategy's first year.

3-Star Category: Had one of the top 10 returns over the three-year period.

Bull & Bear Masters had an rsquared of 0.80 relative to the style benchmark over a three-year period. The strategy also had an upside market capture of over 100 and a down side market capture of less than 100, relative to the style benchmark. The PSN Bull & Bear Masters are the top ten ratios of Upside Capture Ratio to Downside Capture Ratio.

You can find the complete list of Top Guns on PSN and an overview of the methodology at URL. Register is required.

MIAM's three strategies use value-oriented investment principles. They view equity securities in fractional ownership of operating enterprises, and debt securities as contractual claims against the cash flow and/or assets. Investment research is supported by rigorous financial statements analysis. This provides the context necessary to understand qualitative analytical considerations. Price appreciation catalysts are expected to be highly individualistic. As such, associates should emphasize the analysis and management quality of issuers, as well as capital allocation priorities. It is important to maintain regular contact with senior company management throughout the investment ownership period. Operational engagement gives you a distinct advantage in information and allows for the acceleration of value-creation initiatives, if needed.

Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management Milwaukee Institutional Asset Management offers portfolio management services to institutional clients via separate accounts and limited partnerships. They interfacing as either a subadvisor, third-party advisor or through a variety of custodians. For more information, please visit URL

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