Mexicos president andrs manuel lpez obrador has required an unprecedented referendum into whether five of his predecessors whose neoliberal guidelines he blames for widespread corruption, social inequality, assault and several other calamities should sit test.

Reading the text of their demand before it was submitted on senate, mr lpez obrador said the people must be consulted about whether or not to take to carlos salinas, ernesto zedillo, vicente fox, felipe caldern and enrique pea nieto, which ruled mexico between 1988 and 2018.

Experts called it a politically motivated move ahead of midterm elections next year. mr lpez obrador asked for the poll is held often on june 6, the exact same day as midterm elections, or on a later date.

With majorities both in houses of congress, mr lpez obrador wouldn't normally face any legislative challenge. although suggestion must first go right to the supreme court, with 20 days to rule on if it is constitutional.

This violates the principle of presumption of innocence, stated diego valads, a constitutional lawyer.

If the supreme court rejects the measure, carlos ramrez at integralia, a consultancy, said the president might still look for a synchronous course to organise an individuals poll like from the airport, discussing a friendly consultation in 2018, which he accustomed justify scrapping a partially-built $13bn airport in mexico city.

The president, who may have made eradicating corruption their chief crusade, features since held other informal polls, including one early in the day in 2010 in which nixed a constellation brands brewery becoming built in northern mexico.

I worry the president is set to provide people the theory that they'll choose to assess ex-presidents and then he needs the narrative for the summer 2021 midterm elections, mr ramrez stated.

A viewpoint poll in august by el universal newspaper bought at least three-quarters of mexicans believed all five past presidents should deal with test for alleged crimes committed during their governments. in the case of mr pea nieto, who preceded mr lpez obrador, very nearly 90 % of individuals had been in favour.

There is no instant effect through the five previous frontrunners. mr pea nieto and mr caldern have previously denied allegations of wrongdoing, which have escalated lately following the arrest of a former protection chief and a former mind of condition oil organization pemex, just who served in their terms.

I think the president will test the restrictions to observe how far he can get. hell have fun with the sufferer saying they dont desire individuals to vote, mr ramrez said. the president will endeavour maintain the theory alive. he desires the ghosts [of the last] on ballot on june 6 therefore the election becomes about him.

Miguel carbonell, a prominent lawyer, tweeted: no ex-president has actually immunity. there is no impediment anyway for them to be judged today if evidence is brought that they have committed any illegality. having a session to put on the law is populism, simple populism and nothing more.

Mr lpez obrador has said however vote no if there were a poll.

Im not planning to mask murky actions from the past but nor am i seeking reprisals...vengeance is certainly not my strong suit, he said at his everyday development conference.