Market conditions in Thai baht: closed 33.93/97, the trend is still up. frame tomorrow

A Bangkok Bank money manager revealed that the baht closed the market tonight at 33.93/97 baht/dollar from morning. The market opened at 33.92 baht/dollar. The direction of the baht during this period…

A Bangkok Bank money manager revealed that the baht closed the market tonight at 33.93/97 baht/dollar from morning. The market opened at 33.92 baht/dollar. The direction of the baht during this period should continue to appreciate, mainly from foreign investors who have continued to buy Thai bonds, including today's meeting of the three ministries. in preparation for Chinese tourists After the opening of the country from January 8, it was found that the measures were quite open to welcoming tourists. not as strict as in Europe While reporting inflation in December 2022 and the trend in 2013 has a slower direction This led investors to believe that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) would not rush to raise interest rates as forcefully as the Federal Reserve (Fed). As for tonight, investors are waiting to see US economic data. To report the weekly jobless claims number and Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) for the final services sector in December. Financial managers expect the baht to move in a range of 33.80 – 34.00 baht/dollar tomorrow.

The yen was 132.52 yen/dollar from the morning level of 132.06 yen/dollar.

The euro was at $1.0626 from an early session high of $1.0617.

The SET index closed today at 1,663.86 points, down 9.39 points (-0.56%), trading at 85,209 million baht.

Summary of trading volume by group Net foreign purchases 1,272.99 million baht (SET+MAI)

Minister of Commerce The inflation rate in 2023 is expected to be between 2 and 3%, slowing down compared to 2022 due to 1. Product prices.

Large inventories have started to stabilize after the previous price increase. 2. Energy price slowed in line with declining global demand 3. High price base in 2012 and 4.

The government also has measures to reduce people's cost of living.

Minister of Commerce reveals that the headline inflation rate (CPI) of December '22 increased by 5.89% compared to the same period of '21, with the result that the rate

Inflation for the year 2022 averaged 6.08%, the highest in 24 years since 1998, when inflation averaged 8.1%, while the core inflation rate

(Core CPI) in December 2022 increased by 3.23% with an annual average of 2.51%.

'Anutin' reveals the results of the meeting of 3 ministries preparing to welcome Chinese tourists after the reopening of the country. including travelers from abroad

in year 66 that there will be no discrimination against any particular country by public health measures before you leave for Thailand Must be vaccinated for COVID-19

19 at least 2 doses and if there is a respiratory disease It is recommended to postpone the trip. and healed before traveling to Thailand, ready

It is recommended to purchase travel medical insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment before entering Thailand in order to reduce the burden of medical expenses that may occur during the period.

live in Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) predicts that in January 2023 60,000 Chinese tourists will travel to Thailand.

90,000 people in February and 1.5 hundred thousand people in March, with a target of 5 million Chinese tourists in 2023 and will adjust the target

The number of tourists for the year increased from 20 million to 25 million after China opened up the country.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stressed that inflation in the US It's not the end yet. It's too early for the central bank.

The United States (Fed) will declare victory in the fight against rising inflation. Ready to urge the Fed to continue raising interest rates this year to avoid


World Health Organization (WHO) Says COVID-19 Data China Revealed Doesn't Reflect Reality

spread across the country showing fewer people hospitalized and died from COVID-19 than they should be

China has re-approved private equity (PE) funds to raise funds for residential real estate development.

habitable again It is one of the latest moves aimed at reviving the slowdown in the Chinese property market.

Weight Equity is a fund that invests in shares of unlisted companies.

Members of the European Union (EU) have urgently introduced new restrictions on handling passengers traveling from China to the country.

in the EU, how to take mandatory COVID tests before travel But this does not add new rules for flights, but somehow