With redundancies at their particular highest level because the economic crisis and businesses experiencing a second lockdown, todays job hunters face challenging headwinds.

If you are selecting employment, or focused on the risk of redundancy help is at hand. jonathan ebony, director of the careers solution within university of oxford, will take readers concerns at our after that live business clinic, alongside claer barrett, the fts customer editor.

To take place at 12 noon uk time on tuesday november 10, the movie discussion should be embedded within tale and you may leave your remarks and questions the specialists below. instead, watch survive the fts youtube station or linkedin page, where you could inquire through the live chat purpose.

The author for the fts dear jonathan line will offer suggestions about moving your talent to another industry, doing your best with your network and exactly what recruiters are seeking at this time. workers over 50 have actually experienced a really tough time, and will also be a vital focus within session, alongside recent students who are struggling to land their very first work.