For its visitors, and i am one, being informed by the financial times indicates being particular of accessing powerful details, wealthy analysis and reliable information, without needing to verify its veracity. consequently, which could that is amazing the statements made openly because of the mind of a g7 member condition could possibly be distorted by this development organisation?

And yet, which exactly what occurred in a column posted online yesterday. the piece misquoted me, replacing islamic separatism a phrase that i've never ever made use of for islamist separatism, which is a reality in my nation. it accused me of stigmatising french muslims for electoral functions as well as fostering a climate of concern and suspicion towards them.

I will not talk about the questionable rigour of this article nor even ideological foundations which it is based. i merely want to remind your readers of some simple facts, give an explanation for scenario of my country and also the challenges this has to manage.

For more than five years today, and because the attacks on charlie hebdo, france has experienced a revolution of assaults perpetrated by terrorists into the title of an islam that they have altered. some 263 people cops, troops, teachers, journalists, cartoonists, ordinary people are assassinated within homeland. lately, an attack that happily would not end in any casualties once again focused the premises of charlie hebdo; a brief history and geography instructor, samuel paty, was decapitated; in nice, two ladies and a guy were assassinated in a church.

Up against this ill that's consuming into our country, france has actually rallied with resilience, with dedication.

Firstly, by standing firm on its maxims. france is assaulted by islamist terrorists given that it embodies freedom of phrase, the right to think or not to think and a specific life-style. the french folks have increased to state that they will perhaps not surrender any one of frances values, its identity, or its imagination. nor some of these real human legal rights so it proclaimed for the globe, in 1789.

Our nation has additionally rallied by searching for the terrorists wherever they might be. the french army shows exemplary courage in sahel as well as its activity against terrorist teams benefits each of european countries. our intelligence and authorities services, that have paid a heavy cost, prevent a large number of assaults each year. the entire state mobilises on such basis as guidelines talked about and voted on by parliament. for we are going to perhaps not surrender democracy, or even the rule of law either.

But since 2015 this has become obvious, and i also said this before i became president, that we now have reproduction reasons for terrorists in france. in some districts and on the net, teams associated with radical islam are training hatred associated with the republic to your children, calling on them to disregard its legislation. which the things i called separatism in another of my speeches.

If you fail to believe me, read the social media postings of hatred provided inside name of a distorted islam that resulted in patys demise. look at the districts where tiny women elderly three or four are using a complete veil, separated from young men, and, from a very early age, divided through the rest of community, raised in hatred of frances values.

Speak to federal government prefects that confronted on the ground with a huge selection of radicalised individuals, who we fear may, at any time, simply take a blade and destroy men and women. this is exactly what france is battling against styles of hatred and demise that threaten its young ones never against islam. we oppose deception, fanaticism, violent extremism. maybe not a religion.

We say: not within our country! and then we have any right to say this, as a sovereign nation and a totally free individuals. from the terrorists who want to break us, we stay united. we could do without news articles that divide united states.

I will perhaps not enable anybody to claim that france, or its federal government, is fostering racism against muslims. france we are assaulted with this can be as secular for muslims as for christians, jews, buddhists and all sorts of believers. the neutrality of condition, which never ever intervenes in religious affairs, is an assurance of freedom of worship. our law enforcement causes shield mosques, churches and synagogues alike.

France is a country that knows what it owes into islamic civilisation: its mathematics, its technology, its architecture all borrow from it, and i also revealed the creation of an institute in paris to showcase this excellent wide range. france is a country in which muslim leaders speak out when the worst occurs, and turn to supporters to battle radical islamism and protect freedom of expression.

It's possible to imagine to not see these realities, but one are unable to ignore them indefinitely. for as averroes, the 12th-century polymath, as soon as published: ignorance causes fear, fear causes hatred, and hatred contributes to violence.

For that reason let us perhaps not nurture ignorance, by distorting what of a mind of condition. we understand just also well where that will lead.

As an alternative, let's favor clear-headed rigour and thorough work; enlightened wisdom.

Editors note: the internet viewpoint piece that this letter identifies ended up being posted quickly on november 2 and then eliminated for review after visitors stated informative inaccuracies.