Solicitors representing saudi arabias previous crown prince stated these were progressively concerned with their well-being, alleging that prince mohammed container nayef was not permitted visits by their private doctor and therefore his whereabouts remained not known five months after he was detained.

The legal associates, whom requested not to ever be identified due to the sensitivity of this situation, informed the financial times that their household have not been able to go to him since security forces arrested the prince, their cousin, prince nawaf, and his uncle prince ahmed container abdulaziz in march.

They dont know where hes being held, most of the phone conversations [with the prince] have become shallow, this might be very a serious situation, the lawyers said. nobody can easily see him. they [the princes] havent been officially recharged.

Both prince mohammed bin nayef and prince ahmed had been considered potential rivals to crown prince mohammed container salman, saudi arabias de facto frontrunner, whose fast increase to energy shook-up the traditional succession process. he succeeded prince mohammed container nayef, 60, as crown prince in june 2017 and latter was considered to were fleetingly held under residence arrest and stripped of most their powers.

The princes were on a refuge within the wilderness when they were detained in march. prince nawaf premiered this thirty days, based on the lawyers, but there is no details about others two royals.

The attorneys issues concerning the benefit of prince mohammed container nayef have increased after one of is own former close aides, saad aljabri, publicly accused the younger prince mohammed of targeting him and his family members.

Mr aljabri, who was one of prince mohammed container nayefs top lieutenants whenever latter had been interior minister, this month filed a lawsuit in america accusing the top prince of giving popular group to assassinate him in exile in canada 2 yrs ago.

Mr aljabris family members also have accused prince mohammed of detaining two of his kids sarah, 20 and omar, 22 in march and holding all of them incommunicado to pressure mr aljabri to go back towards kingdom.

Shortly after the aljabri family moved community about their problems towards whereabouts associated with the kiddies, prince mohammed container nayef had requested that his very own lender statements be provided for him, the attorneys said. they stated they fear the demand may have been made under duress.

[prince mohammed container nayefs] current circumstances plus the proven fact that no separate source is capable validate his wellbeing claim that any directions purporting to-be from him should not be actioned upon, as they usually do not seem to have been made legitimately by [him] of his very own agreement, the lawyers stated.

They added that their particular concern was that prince mohammed container nayefs partner as well as 2 daughters, who've been prohibited from making the kingdom for more than annually, is also aiimed at place strain on the previous crown prince.

Saudi authorities have never commented openly on either the aljabri or even the prince mohammed container nayef situations. the government couldn't respond to a request for opinion.

You near to the royal courtroom said saudi authorities believe mr aljabri led a team at the interior ministry that presumably misspent $11bn, approximately $4bn-$6bn that had been obviously misappropriated and squirrelled out of the nation.

The person said there were no similar corruption allegations against prince mohammed container nayef, just who 3 years ago had been among kingdoms most effective officials, also among its highest profile figures abroad.

Mr aljabris family members has dismissed the corruption allegations against him because politically motivated.

Western intelligence companies credit prince mohammed container nayef and mr aljabri with leading the kingdoms fight islamist extremists inside 2000s. both guys forged strong connections with counterparts and politicians in washington and london.

Prince ahmed, a half-brother of king salman, gone back to the kingdom after a quick enchantment abroad after the 2018 murder of reporter jamal khashoggi caused riyadhs biggest diplomatic crisis in decades. some had seen their time offshore as an indication of their displeasure on the way the kingdom ended up being using in young top princes management.

However when they certainly were detained in march, neither prince ahmed nor prince mohammed bin nayef, who has got suffered illnesses, had been seen as severe threats to prince mohammeds ascension.

During the time of their arrests, individuals near the royal courtroom suggested their detentions had been an additional indication of prince mohammeds drive to consolidate his energy by giving a note to many other members of the royal family members that no sign of dissent would be accepted.

The crown prince has actually championed a programme of personal and financial reforms to lessen saudi arabias dependency on oil. but their drive to modernise the traditional kingdom was accompanied by waves of crackdowns that have focused people in the royal household, businessmen, academics, activists, bloggers and journalists.

Initially, prince mohammed bin nayefs family members were in regular phone connection with the previous top prince, but that is more restricted, his lawyers stated, incorporating that they think telephone calls are increasingly being checked because of the authorities. his household couldn't be achieved for remark.