Mexicos president andrs manuel lpez obrador offered their newly elected argentine counterpart alberto fernndez some personal guidance a year ago on how to cope with the usa president: with trump can be done anything you wish, just dont say something, dont enter into a conflict with him and youll be good.

The advice had been sound. while mr trump likes to issue ultimatums to latin american presidents, their bark is frequently worse than his bite. threats to shut the mexican border, enforce punitive tariffs on brazil or even invade venezuela all proved bare.

A joe biden presidency is more of challenging. diplomats and former senior united states officials state the democrats opportunities on trade, man legal rights, environment change and battling corruption might show uncomfortable for many of areas leaders, with grown used to a us president turning a blind eye.

On dilemmas like trade, labour and also the environment, biden may be much harder than trump, said jorge castaeda, a former mexican foreign minister.

Juan cruz, whom served given that top white home agent on latin america from 2017-19, stated the spot had exercised a modus vivendi with mr trump. he may be a bit black-and-white and transactional nevertheless they get it, the presidents (in your community) definitely obtain it and they have figured it out, he stated.

Exactly what youll get with a biden presidency is matrixed, integrated, shades-of-grey foreign policy. well praise you on some problems and criticise you on other people. that may provide them with whiplash.

Several things will never alter if mr biden ended up being inaugurated in january: latin america would not be a top priority, specially for an united states president dealing with a dire general public health insurance and economic crisis. within the region, mexico will be the main focus because of its long land edge an important way to obtain unlawful immigration and smuggled drugs and its status as a high trade and investment companion.

Mr biden, that knows the location well from their time as vice-president, features guaranteed to finish nearly all mr trumps immigration policies. he'd end creating a wall across the mexican edge and supply a $4bn aid want to improve success in central america, the origin of most of the migration.

That brings its risks. thomas shannon, an old top authoritative at state dept., said: the biggest challenge early on could be the immigration problem. theres real pressure to reverse the trump actions on migration, refugees and asylum however if they may not be mindful exactly how this is accomplished, it could lead lots of people in central the united states to determine that now is the time to head north.

Mr bidens commitments on weather change might be another source of friction in a spot where many presidents are still wedded to fossil-fuel powered development. the democrat has outlined programs for a clean energy transformation assuming he wins, he will face restored pressure to confront mr lpez obrador, who's got concentrated his whole economic vision on improving oil and coal.

Us companies and legislators from both edges associated with aisle state mr lpez obradors attempts to penalise green power generation in mexico are discriminatory and may break the usmca trade pact which changed nafta. while the president calls renewables generation a sophistry and vows to boost mexicos state oil and electrical energy companies, a number of worldwide teams are thinking about arbitration to guard their assets.

Energy policy will likely to be an important factor on bidens domestic agenda along with his domestic financial agenda and his international plan schedule. which will pose difficult to the current mexican government, said antonio ortiz-mena at albright stonebridge group, a consultancy.

Mr bidens views on amazon deforestation have upset brazils hard-right president jair bolsonaro, that is close to mr trump. responding to a biden risk of significant financial effects if nation cannot answer his $20bn intend to protect the rainforest, mr bolsonaro said the democratic candidate had shown a definite sign of contempt for cordial and fruitful coexistence.

Climate is a large one for biden and...he will separate bolsonaro and his colleagues, stated a senior diplomat just who follows brazil closely. for them, dropping their big buddy up north could be very a problem. they've placed all their eggs in that container.

Mr bolsonaro isn't the just latin-american frontrunner to own bet greatly on mr trump. colombias ivn duque additionally faces an uncomfortable start with a biden administration as a result of his role as a cheerleader for trump guidelines on venezuela and also at the inter-american developing bank. the colombians have actually screwed-up. they have played this election badly and they've got placed by themselves inside when you are extremely favorable to trump, an old senior united states official said.

Venezuelan resistance leader juan guaid, who had been recognised because the countrys rightful leader because of the us at the start of just last year, features seen his celebrity wane in washington as political deadlock goes on in venezuela. mr guaids strong backing for mr trumps maximum force sanctions on venezuela makes him a less-than-ideal companion for a biden administration seeking to follow a more multilateral, negotiated approach to ease the countrys intense humanitarian crisis.

With venezuela, as with cuba, a biden administration is unlikely to show the time clock right back to obama-era detente; the clout of anti-communist latino voters inside key condition of florida will dsicover to that particular. careful tips to build self-confidence tend to be more likely.

With leaders in andean nations of chile, peru and ecuador all due to step-down following elections in the 1st year of a us president, mr fernndez of argentina, a pragmatic leftist, stands apart among the latin american leaders whom may take advantage of a president biden.

But neither us presidential prospect has said a great deal thus far in what is probably the regions greatest challenge: the necessity to update its commodity-dependent economies when it comes to 21st century to resume growth and deliver the prosperity wanted by an increasingly restive population.