The board of administrators of lagardre has actually renewed the agreement of leader arnaud lagardre seven months in front of routine, extending their tenure for four years while he battles to help keep control over the french posting and retail group launched by his dad.

The surprise announcement later on monday is important as a result of lagardres distinctive governance and appropriate standing as what's referred to as asocit en commandite par actions under french law. it offers mr lagardre an extremely protected place and wide capabilities despite only owning 7.2 % of the share capital. crucially under the commandite construction, investors cannot quickly eliminate the basic companion, mr lagardre, as they could in a normal business. their mandate goes to vote for revival every six years because of the board.

It had been supposed to be up for renewal in march 2021 although board has actually moved to secure it early. the move, it said, had been intended to stabilise the governance in an unprecedented duration whilst the covid-19 pandemic injured profits also to provide visibility to supervisors, staff, along with other stakeholders.

In reality, the move is apparently a reaction to gathering threats to mr lagardre along with his business. it was embroiled in a long-running battle with activist investor amber capital, and today faces challenging from frances fiercest business raider, vincent bollor. since might, he has utilized vivendi, the media team he controls, to build up a 23.5 per cent risk in lagardre, that will be today well worth roughly 500m.

Vivendi more ratcheted within the pressure on lagardre a week ago by signing a rare pact with amber under which they agreed to look for chairs on lagardres board together, among various other steps. the two after that planned to wage a campaign to persuade the board to not restore mr lagarderes mandate as grant, or basic companion, regarding the company, based on folks acquainted their method.

Which may be harder to accomplish given that the board features pre-empted the nomination procedure. a spokesperson for lagardre verified your boards vote in the matter ended up being unanimous.

They saw our pact and rushed to renew him, said joseph oughourlian, president of amber, discussing mr lagardre. extravagant but unsurprising with this board.

Mr bollor has brought the gloves off with what he and vivendi initially in april billed as an agreeable investment intended to assist lagardre fend off a shareholder vote brought by amber to replace the board.

Folks familiar with the problem say the billionaire was incensed by how mr lagardre had brokered a package in-may with frances richest man, bernard arnault, the creator of lvmh.

That price might find groupe arnault pay about 80m purchasing 25 % of mr lagardres personal holding organization by which he manages lagardre as well as the commandite. moreover it made mr arnault a powerful player at organization, perhaps with additional influence than vivendi as he ended up being investing alongside the heir.

The supervisory board in addition has reiterated its accessory towards lagardre team as an integrated entity, and stated its severe focus on any attempts to destabilise the teams governance or objectives to dismantle it, the organization stated in a declaration.

Vivendi declined to comment. stocks in lagardre dropped 4.5 per cent to 14.92 on tuesday morning.