Larry kudlow, the top white house financial official, states the us will not suffer an extra wave outbreak of coronavirus even while a number of says reported a surge in brand new instances.

Mr kudlows comments arrived as 29 states and united states regions reported a rise in the seven-day average of new verified cases, suggesting the united states has not yet however put a stop to the initial revolution associated with virus.

The biggest rises tend to be happening in south and western states having rapidly reopened their economies, including arizona, florida, georgia and south carolina. some western says which have taken a more cautious way of reopening, including ca and washington, may also be experiencing an increase in situations.

In arizona, the coronavirus case count features virtually doubled in fortnight. health officials in the state reported 2,592 brand-new instances on sunday, taking the final amount to 52,390, compared with about 27,000 on summer 7.

Ca reported 4,515 new situations on sunday the greatest one-day jump since march taking its statewide total to 173,824.

However, mr kudlow dismissed the rising case matters as simply hotspots that might be handled by teams of officials dispatched to your states because of the united states centers for disorder control and protection.

There's absolutely no 2nd revolution coming, he told cnbc on monday. weve got the screening procedures, weve got the diagnostics, weve got the [personal defensive equipment]. and so i think its a fairly great scenario.

Mr kudlows confidence appeared to oppose commentary from peter navarro, a top white house trade adviser, just who on sunday stated the management had been finding your way through a possible second trend.

We are filling the stockpile in expectation of a potential problem inside autumn, mr navarro informed cnn on sunday. we are doing every thing we could under the area. im perhaps not saying its probably occur, but naturally you prepare.

The white house has actually dismissed the rising situation matter as something of increased testing. on saturday, president donald trump told a rally of his supporters he had asked officials to slow the testing down, although mr navarro later said the presidents remarks were intended to be tongue in cheek.

But general public wellness specialists said the increasing case counts weren't a result of enhanced evaluating alone, pointing to a higher percentage of positive test outcomes and a leap in hospitalisations in certain says.

Texas stated that 3,409 people were in medical center with coronavirus on sunday, a nearly 200 % enhance compared with the beginning of april, if the condition began publishing hospitalisation information.

Anthony fauci, among the top advisers on white home coronavirus task force, informed the financial days he had been worried to the point of sickness in regards to the sunbelt says, including texas, florida, and arizona, and their ability to manage increased case counts.

Obviously weve built-up our strategic national stockpile of ventilators, so we will get ventilators. but we need to improvise on medical center bedrooms, given that it isnt only ventilators, its medical center bedrooms, dr fauci stated in an interview late the other day.

Scott gottlieb, the previous commissioner associated with the food and drug administration, stated the increasing situation matters weren't just a function of testing even more.

Were seeing the positivity rates go up thats an obvious indicator discover today neighborhood spread under means, dr gottlieb told cbs on sunday.

Eric toner, a senior scholar within johns hopkins center for wellness safety, also warned that virus ended up being now spreading in more outlying communities, that do not have the advanced hospitals found in locations like new york city.

It is equally as stressful for patients and hospitals because was at new york, only on a much smaller scale, he stated. they do not have the sources, professionals and technology which exist in the large hospitals of new york city.

Rising case counts have never however led to a likewise dramatic boost in deaths, to some extent because increasing transmission rates seem to be being driven by younger individuals.

But general public health experts warn that increasing instance matters could fundamentally trigger higher death prices if more youthful folks go the virus onto the senior and patients with underlying health issues.

A week ago, gregg abbott, tx governor, stated your says attacks had been being driven by more youthful men and women in bar-type options have been perhaps not heeding social distancing instructions.

Additional reporting by hannah kuchler in ny and donato mancini in london