Boris johnsons director of communications resigned on wednesday night following a bitter downing street power fight over usage of the prime minister and over who can lead great britain governments communications method.

Lee cain, among mr johnsons longest-serving and a lot of faithful aides, stated that after careful consideration he'd quit quantity 10 at the conclusion of the entire year.

The departure of just one of this prime ministers key allies uses a declined program that could have seen mr cain presented to be mr johnsons chief of staff, a thought that lead to a furious backlash from traditional ministers, mps and officials.

In a declaration, mr cain stated, it's been a privilege working as an agent for mr johnson for the last 3 years being element of a team that assisted him win the tory leadership contest, secure the largest traditional bulk for three years plus it had been an honour become asked to serve as the prime ministers main of staff.

Mr johnson thanked mr cain for his extraordinary service in government throughout the last four years. he's got already been a true friend and buddy and i also in the morning really happy which he will continue to be director of communications through to the new year also to help restructure the procedure. he'll be much missed.

Rumours were swirling in westminster that the aide resigned over a leak query to the decision to lock straight down england on october 30. although some whitehall officials speculated mr cain may have been partially to be culpable for the story, he's got categorically denied duty.

Mr cains deviation accompanied a dramatic rise in tensions in quantity 10 following the session of allegra stratton, a former reporter and adviser to chancellor rishi sunak, in order to become mr johnson's spokesperson at brand new day-to-day televised white house-style briefings.

Ms stratton insisted she would take on the career only if she ended up being answerable straight to the prime minister and not to mr cain, a number of individuals acquainted with the situation stated. mr cain dreaded, in accordance with allies, that he was being sidelined after exactly what many tory mps have actually seen as downing street's shambolic news overall performance throughout the covid crisis.

One whitehall authoritative said, boris had to choose from lee and allegra. he has got plumped for allegra.

Her visit ended up being made-over the minds of mr cain and dominic cummings, the prime ministers chief agent, with resented her accessibility and style. concerns had been becoming raised on whether mr cummings would in addition stop, with one federal government insider describing it as 50:50

Mr cain, an old tabloid reporter who was simply a senior figure within the vote keep promotion through the 2016 brexit referendum, has actually used an abrasive method of the news. however, ms stratton has informed colleagues she really wants to adopt a less confrontational design. quantity 10 insiders stated their relations with ms stratton were dire. ms stratton declined to comment.

One well-placed whitehall official stated quantity 10 had become a nest of vipers, including its all dropping apart inside, its far even worse compared to the outdoors globe realises. plus doing it in the exact middle of pandemic is wholly disgraceful.

Mr cains mooted appointment as main of staff came after downing street had been expected by reporters about statements associated with a leak of mr johnsons choice to place england into another coronavirus lockdown previously this month.

One whitehall official stated the prime minister ended up being apoplectically and apocalyptically mix at drip, which showed up before he previously made your final decision on the measures.

The inquiry, becoming supervised by deputy case assistant helen macnamara, features narrowed its focus from ministers to special advisers, including those in downing street, officials stated.

The suggestion of mr cains height caused a full-scale rebellion inside terms of 1 senior conservative, with ministers, mps and officials revealing their problems to mr johnson that he was a wrong fit for the positioning.

Senior numbers within the federal government said carrie symonds, mr johnsons fiance and a former senior conservative adviser, has privately argued up against the visit. she cant observe how setting up him would enhance things, one aide said.

Cain is in serious jeopardy, theres also really serious concerns on boriss brain about dom [cummings] too, a senior tory authoritative said.

Mr cain, seen by some in tory circles as an unlikely appointment towards prestigious main of staff place offered previous holders regarding the workplace, declined to comment.

Some conservative mps, who believe that mr cain and mr cummings treat the parliamentary party with contempt, complained to chief whip mark spencer on wednesday. mr spencer's allies refused to comment.

The mooted session of mr cain as mr johnson's main of staff in addition has alarmed some conventional ladies, who remember that it would leave mr johnson in the middle of an all-male assistance team, including mr cummings and simon case, the pantry assistant.

Does the pm believe it's appropriate? stated one conservative authoritative all the people who have usage of him could be males. that is scarcely regulating when you look at the nature of biden-harris.