Keir starmer will emphasise his patriotism as he addresses the labour conference for the first time as the leader of britains main opposition party on tuesday morning.

In a speech by video link in doncaster, sir keir will offer a new message to people who turned away from labour in the 2019 general election: take another look at labour. were under new leadership. we love this country as you do.

Sir keir and his new shadow cabinet face a challenge of historic proportions after labour crashed to its worst election defeat in nearly a century last december.

Former leader jeremy corbyn was hailed as a visionary by hundreds of thousands of left-wingers who joined the party in droves during his five years at the helm. but the party lost 59 seats, most of them in the red wall of northern england and the midlands constituencies that typically voted labour as working class leave-supporting voters switched to the pro-brexit conservatives.

To those people in doncaster and deeside, in glasgow and grimsby, in stoke and in stevenage, to those who have turned away from labour, i say this: we hear you, sir keir will say.

Many voters in those seats left labour partly because of its backing for a second eu referendum but also because of mr corbyns radicalism and perceived lack of patriotism.

Sir keir will insist in his speech that he wants britain to be the best country to grow up in and the best country to grow old in as he promises a vision of properly-funded universal public services, world-class education and greater investment in skills.

The party leader will also insist that a labour government would do more to tackle the climate emergency and make the country greener and cleaner.

Trust takes time. it starts with being a credible opposition. with taking the job seriously. thats what we will do, he will say, emphasising his values of decency, fairness, opportunity, compassion and security for our nation, our families and all of our communities.

Senior labour figures said sir keirs team was in no hurry to roll out new policy initiatives when the next election was more than four years away. instead, the emphasis is on holding the government to account while appearing more organised and professional than the previous leadership.

If you look at the david cameron opposition of 2005 and 2010 they didnt exactly spell out all their plans in advance, said one aide. or if you look at the (alastair) campbell diaries for the mid-90s, labour werent setting out their precise policies.

Sir keirs team also takes the view that the covid-19 emergency means that any promises could be out of date within 12 months given the fast-changing economic and public health crisis.

The tories have repeatedly pointed out that sir keir, as former shadow brexit secretary, was responsible for pushing his party into backing a second referendum on brexit a policy that was toxic in the labour heartlands.

He will use tuesdays speech to repeat his message that he now wants the government to get brexit done but with a decent trade deal with the eu.

Meanwhile, anneliese dodds, the shadow chancellor, used her conference speech on monday to call for a jobs recovery scheme targeted at sectors damaged by the coronavirus lockdown.

Emphasising the need for labour to work closer with the private sector in future, ms dodds also urged an extra 3bn in funding to be brought forward to retrain the unemployed or those at risk of losing their jobs.