Joshua wong, among hong kongs best-known pro-democracy campaigners, expects to be arrested at any time and fears disappearing into a secret jail across the border in mainland china.

My arrest is apparently a matter-of timing. time is running out back at my private protection, mr wong told the financial instances on thursday.

When they arrest me personally...i might be extradited to china instantly, he included. naturally, that is the even worse situation. a lot of people ask me: isn't it time for this? and i say, definitely no person is going to be prepared for sentencing in a beijing black colored prison permanently.

Mr wong, who led the now-disbanded celebration demosisto and rallied protesters during months of demonstrations for higher freedoms in hong kong last year, the most visible opponents of beijings increasing control over the territorys affairs.

The prediction of their imminent arrest arrived since it emerged that authorities had curved up another activist, andy li, while he tried to escape in a speedboat to taiwan to seek asylum, regional news reported. mr li was in fact out on bail since he was arrested under the nationwide security law beijing imposed on hong kong after june.

Lots of activists being arrested in hong-kong under the legislation, which seeks to split upon secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces. these types of offences carry lengthy prison phrases, including life imprisonment. the law also enables hong kong citizens you need to take over to the mainland to face test.

Mr wong had been disqualified from standing in legislative elections that were considering occur this month but had been postponed as beijing offered the existing term of hong kongs legislature by at the least a-year. but, mr wong stated, the wait in keeping elections could possibly be extended well beyond a year therefore ended up being possible they never ever take place.

I'd say that hong kong was not hong kong anymore after 11pm on june 30, he said, talking about enough time if the national safety legislation was enforced.

The asian company hub was assured a higher amount of autonomy under a 1997 contract between the british and china that handed the territory back once again to mainland guideline.

But mr wong said your imposition associated with the nationwide protection legislation proved that beijing had no purpose of honouring a pledge allowing hong kong to keep its legal autonomy.

Global organizations concerned because of the lack of judicial freedom in hong-kong were contemplating leaving the territory for singapore or other capitals in the region, mr wong said.

But a more important problem, he added, ended up being the expansion of chinas reach far beyond the area. mr wong said the extraterritorial powers that beijing had awarded it self in security legislation meant that mainland agents may even kidnap people in the west and deliver all of them back to asia to manage test.

Asked the reason why he would not make an effort to escape overseas following the imposition the safety legislation, mr wong said: apart from wanting to combat before the last-minute, i really believe that maintaining the local protest momentum going really matters.